Having a problem deleting some lights

Hopefully this is the correct form to post this issue on. I am having an issue where I moved my HUE bulbs to another room. I made the mistake of renaming them in the SmartThings app instead of through the HUE app. I got them connected in both apps now but I also had them linked up to my Harmony Hub. Well now I am trying to delete the old names from ST, but every time I do that I get an error that the device is being used by a smart app. The smart app in question is logitech harmony. I have tried to remove it and I get an error every time that says Device Still in Use Remove from any smartapps or dasboards, then try again. There is nothing using the harmony anymore, I have removed everything. The only thing that it thinks is using it is the light bulbs that are under different names that I can’t remove because they are linked to the harmony. Do you see the problem, it is a vicious circle.