Changing my name

I was trying to set up an automation in the smart things app and when I selected member location, it comes up with my phone but the name of it uses an old last name of mine that hasn’t been used for years. I can’t find where it’s found that information because every profile I’ve tried looking into, has my correct name.
Where can I find this information

if you are using your phone as a presence sensor, you certainly added it in your devices and the first time it uses the name of your iphone (blabla iphone) or android phone (blabla Samsung S9+).
If you go to the device list view of the smartthings mobile app, you can edit the name by going to the device view and click the wheel at the top right corner. This should be the name used when you select the presence sensor setting of the smartapp.

I understand the name has been used from somewhere on the phone, I just don’t know where as I haven’t used that name for my last 2 phones.
Also the phone doesn’t come up under devices for me to change it

Have you checked SmartThings created new iPhone presence device (July 3 2019) ?

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