iPhone name issue

Why is my iPhone name simply “iPhone”? On my iPhone, when I go to Settings > About, it’s named differently. Where does SmartThings get the iPhone name for the device? Thanks

one of life’s mysteries unfortunately… to me at least!

consider using a virtual presence sensor for each phone. requires extra setup but gives you the added bonus of seeing the status of phones in the app. Then use the virtual presence sensor which you can name as you choose in Routines. Note virtual presence sensors are selected under Device Status and not under Member Location like the ST presence of the app.

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Added bonus is that you can easily change out the underlying geotracking mechanism without having to touch all your Routines that rely on presence as the trigger. You need only change the two Routines that set the state of the virtual presence sensor.

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It’s weird, but I’m sure my wife’s iPhone used to say “xxxxx’s iPhone” earlier this year. We had a problem with the phone and I had to factory reset and re-load it, and ever since then it’s just been called “iPhone” in ST, but not in the phone itself. Yet my Samsung Galaxy displays my name fine.

On another note, and I know this topic has been beaten to death and I apologize in advance and please feel free to move this to a different thread if it needs to, but just yesterday her iPhone has stopped reporting her presence. I use TAustin’s virtual edge creator to show virtual presence devices in ST (and in Sharptools) for both phones and use those virtual devices in my routines. And I have not had any trouble with using ST, well at least not major trouble, as the presence setting app. That is until yesterday. Anybody else have any new, unexplained issues with iPhones and presence? Also, where in the app do you create virtual presence sensors, I can’t seem to find it?

Update Apr 15: Never mind, the iPhone has magically started reporting its presence again.

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