Removing a "ghost" device

I had a big issue this past week with devices just dropping off the grid and no longer responding to ST. Countless reboots and mesh repairs did nothing to bring everything back online. So this morning I took advantage of that extra hour they gave us and went through one by one and managed to get everything reconnected to the hub.
Everything seemed to be progressing well as everything ( zigbee) was being recognized as their original devices and going right back where they belonged. Then came 1 Leviton ZW dimmer that decided to be difficult. It paired as a new device.
I tried to delete the old device and couldn’t " device in use be smartapps". So I went down the list and removed it from all of the smart apps and replaced it with the new device.
That is until I came to Harmony connect. I can’t remove only 1 device from Harmony. The only option is to remove the Harmony hub, which I accidentally did once by clicking through too fast without actually reading. I mistakenly assumed it would bring up a list of my devices like it did on every other app.
Even after ( accidentally) deleting Harmony connect , I still can’t delete the switch through app or API though. " In use by Logitech Harmony connect" So I logged back into Harmony connect.
I sent in a ticket to support, but I get impatient and thought maybe somebody in here could point me in the right direction.