Help with device removal? (Harmony)

Hello. I can’t figure out how to remove one GE jasco dimmer. I’m trying to replace it with Leviton switch.

Currently its part of 3 smartapps.
I can remove 2 smart apps but I can’t figure out how to remove it from Harmony Hub app.
I don’t see an option in harmony app to remove just one item. I also didn’t assign any buttons to this GE dimmer.

Any ideas how i can replace it?

I tried to do “replace device” but I only get 2 options listed SmartPower Outlet and GE/Jasco power Outlet. thats it.

Any ideas how i can remove GE dimmer from Harmony Hub SmartApp?

Is it in any of your harmony activities? Using the official app from Harmony?

First make sure it’s not being used on the Harmony side.

After that, you have to Deauthorize it from the list of devices that Harmony has access to.

I don’t remember if that can be done from the SmartThings side but it can definitely be done from the harmony side through hub set up and going into the home automation devices and changing which ones are checked on the list after you sign into your smartthings account that way.

Also, if you are using any harmony triggers smartapps, you have to make sure it’s not included in those.

But my guess is just a matter of being authorized for Harmony’s use and once you update that list it will no longer show is being part of the Harmony connect smart app.

So basically you sign into your harmony account through the Harmony app or the Harmony laptop utility.

Go to add/edit devices.

Select SmartThings.

And choose the refresh/Re-log in option to get back to the list of which ST devices Harmony is authorized to access. Then update that list appropriately and save everything.

If none of that works, write to, and they should be able to help.

Also note that the “replace” utility in SmartThings only works when you’re replacing the device with an identical device that uses the same device type. It’s usually the same model and everything. It used to replace a defective device.

Ah thank you. I didn’t know I have to do deactivation. Going to try it shortly

JDRoberts - THank you. THat worked perfectly. I didn’t even have to remove other smartapps. I just changed the device temporarily. removed GE dimmer and added Leviton switch. Then i adjusted smartapps back to the new switch.

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