Can't delete harmony hub from smartthings

So I am trying to add my second Logitech harmony hub. Problem is my smartthings app only sees one. So I’m trying to remove it but it says it’s like still in use and to remove from dashboard or smartapps. Except nothing is saved in those. Any ideas how to get this hub removed so I can re add the two?

I ran into the same issue trying to do the same thing as you. I messaged SmartThings Support with a request to delete my Harmony Hub SmartApp and it was removed about 10 minutes after my request. Gotta love that kind of response.

Dang okay. Will just have to do that then. Not sure why it requires that. But is it just a generic smartthings email? Thanks also.

Click on each Harmony Device(Activity), goto SmartApps tab and double check. Then delete each device. Then the Harmony connect. If you do it in the app then do it in the IDE. I have 3 Hubs and each time J had to do this.

Be sure to SS your rules for easy rebuilding. is the link for email support.

I tried that method and it wouldn’t work. IDE wouldn’t allow uninstall either.

Sorry what’s IDE?

If you haven’t used it before, it opens up lots of additional features and possibilities with Smartthings.