Help harmony home hub app

Hello, I installed the harmony home hub app . It found one of my home hubs I have 2 but it only find one. However I want to remove the app all together but every time I try to click the remove button a red banner pops up at the top of the screen saying the device is still in use. I even logged into the IDE and tried deleting the app that way but it wouldn’t uninstall and Im sure the app isn’t connected to anything, I even went to the harmony site and discounted Smartthings all together. So I really need help removing this app, below is a list of things I have tried.

Went to rooms/groups tried to remove
Went to the things tab tried to remove
Deleted all apps connected to the harmony hub app
Logged into IDE went to my location --> list smartapps click on harmony hub and uninstall (says their was a error uninstalling your
Sent a support ticket to ST
Any ideas ??

I think you need to remove the switches from the Harmony App side. That is the Android/IPhone Harmony App not the SmartThings Harmony app.

Something like Harmony Setup->Add/Edit Devices & Activities …

I am not home so can’t go in to check. But you can probably find it. Then remove permission from the app to access the various switches etc.

I think that might be it.

Ron thanks for trying but I already did that, I’m in contact with ST support and even the support is having a hard time removing it .

I think the folks here have a better shot than support :slight_smile: Just kidding I hope they can help you.

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Hi @Ryan00,
I am trying to figure out how to remove harmony connect… how did you do it?

Really wish I could be more helpful, Its hard for me to remember what I did ,but I’m sure I had to email support and they removed to for me. 75% sure …

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I found how … Deleted all apps connected to the harmony hub app. Logged into IDE, click on harmony hub and delete. :slight_smile:

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