Removing Logitech Harmony (Connect)

I need to redo my Harmony Setup. I replaced the living room remote with the Elite ($100 free BB gift card today with purchase) The old one is going in the bedroom. I’ve decided to delete everything Harmony in ST and just start over but I can get the smart app to remove so I cant remove the virtual switches associated with them. I get an An Unexpected Error occured. I tried deleteing thru IDE with no luck. And I can’t seem to add the new remote until I delete the old activites.

Any help would be great!

go to each of the virtual switches and remove the apps or unselect the virtual devices that the other apps are using first.

Go to harmony app on the old hub
Choose setup
Then add edit devices
Then devices
Then smarthings
Then re-login
Now remove authorization for all devices and save.


Yep Lgkahn … that seems to be working!

Thanks so much

I was having the same problem… Forgot to log into harmony and remove the activity I was trying to delete. Thanks!


You are in UK or USA? I’m asking this because for some time now, i’m trying to add the Harmony Hub to ST, but didn’t have any luck.

In the US. It definitely works. Add the smartapp to ST. It’ll ask you to log in and you’ll select the activities you want to sync/perform. You’ll have to verify uname/pwd of your harmony account.

Yes for US, is working, the problem is for UK.

I’m trying for some time now, to manually add the device.