Thanks to the community and my first SmartApp!

Just a quick thanks to all the active members here!

Got my SmartThing a few weeks ago and have been reading and reading.

I did stumble my way through my first SmartApp. I needed a way to limit the Max/Min of my thermostat. Seems some members of my family believe if you want the house to warm up faster; you set the temperature higher (75+). This app monitors the temperature setting and lowers (or raises) it to a preset level for heating or cooling.


I do want to thank statusbits for their Pollster app. I used it as a framework for this app. Pollster was laid out in a way that really helped me understand the flow of a SmartApp.


What’s up with that? My wife is the same and she just won’t believe me when I tell her it doesn’t work that way!

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OMG my fiance is the same way!! She swears the air is warmer if you set it higher…

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I will probably have to move to a different house if missus cranks up the thermo to 75. :slight_smile: have two zones. One set to 65 forever and one where the bedroom falls is 58 max. (That thermo I swear is faulty coz even at 58… It’s hootttt! I hope its not reversing the numbers). Nobody in this community could figure out a decent zwave/zigbee/wifi thermostat for a late sixties house with baseboard heating via Weil McLain and AC smith or something :frowning: I am stuck with a white Rodgers (programmable though). I put a manual Acurite to check if that stupid thing works!