[REMOVED] Nest Manager v2.5

Wow… Your data is all kinds of screwed up. Releasing new software is always fun because I get to see how inconsistent things run on ST

Can you go into the manager app > api/diag info > scroll down to diagnostics and review your app and device data for any inconsistencies or corruption

You Device Handler did not grab the CSS. It is now shared amongst all device handlers.

Is that Android? Smart Things looks weird, what up with the underlined “Right Now”

What should I be looking for? I see a bunch of #'s all over.

I am running ios @desertblade

Now that @desertblade mentioned it does look weird.

@tonesto7 and @desertblade freaking awesome new release guys!!! Congrats on all the hard work.

Question: do you guys recommend using ST IOS APP with Nest presence Device to set Home/Away presence for Nest thermostats or is it better to use Nest native IOS APP or I been using skylark which is another IOS App that pre-dates even nest native iOS app for setting home/away with phone presence? Thanks!

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Thats a tough one. I don’t use away (yet, plan too soon) so I end up setting temps based on my status.

It is really up to you. If you have a bunch of automations that trigger when you leave and come back, then maybe ST is better. Then you will also have a consistent trigger event for everything.

If you want a belt and suspenders approach use both.

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Well shit. I for the life of me cannot get this to update. Its completely broken now. Err.

Nest protect is just blank when launching it. Trying to load the Nest itself immediately crashes the ST app. The presence sensor works though. lol

Did you update the device handler code?

I’ve done a fresh install. I’ve not had any of your Next SmartApps or Device Handlers installed prior. So far everything works perfectly. I haven’t tried any other workflows / integrations yet.

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I thought I did but I guess I hadn’t already. That was my mistake. We’re all fixed now. Thanks.

UPDATED: Manager App - v2.5.1

  • FIXED: Lot’s of modifications to the remote sensor logic to hopefully address the fan circulation issues.
  • FIXED: Modified the change log to format properly in the Manager application.
  • UPDATED: I Changed Remote Sensor Evaluation Wait input from Decimal to Enum input.

Updated: Thermostat and Protect Devices - v2.5.1

  • Modifed the HTML formatting to display the table data correctly.
  • @desertblade Also removed the gradient effect from the more info pop-up page for a much cleaner look.

All my issues appear fixed now :slight_smile:

Same with mine. Thanks

Actually, I just got an info:null push notification, which is a new bug.

I got one of those yesterday as well with 2.5 - I couldn’t figure out what app sent it though as it didn’t show up in the logs…

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… and I just received another one :slight_smile:

According to the logs I have

15:57:23 PDT: debug Push Message Sent: Tue Jun 21 15:57:23 PDT 2016
15:57:23 PDT: info Getting Latest Data from appParams.json File…

So it seems that the version check is the culprit (app and DTH all are up-to-date).

So I’m most of the way through the install but I’m stuck here… no locations ever seem to appear so I can’t progress?

Any suggestions? I can’t grab live logging at the mo because I’m not at home and for some reason it gets blocked at work :frowning:

If Live Logging is needed, I’ll get some when I get home tonight :slight_smile:

i’ve been getting that one for about a week and haven’t been able to track down where it’s coming from

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thanks @ahndee… I will fix it right now :slight_smile:

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