[REMOVED] Nest Manager 2.0

This is exactly what I want it to do. Nest would eventually learn the correct set points to make sure all the remote censored areas get an equal balanced temp. Now you are saying there is no API for Nest Manager to query the current nest set point or the scheduler then yes basically none of this is possible.

With regard to routines, yes you are right I could leverage presence to set modes/routines, but it defeats the purpose of having a nest. Again, why not get just a zwave/zigbee thermostat then for much cheaper.

So for example, routines cannot configure the set point to cool to 74F at night and then slowly creep up to 77F by morning. Correct?

You could, but no Nest-Manager. I am not 100% sold on ST, so I want things to have multiple redundancies. For example the cloud was down yesterday, so ST rules would not have set temp. Nest fell back to its schedule.

Nest adds a few other nice things many don’t like the energy company integrations ($50 a year credit), the after blow of the AC.

Are you adding the device handlers in the right tab? You need to switch to the My Device Handler tab.

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Wow! Thanks so much. Now that the terms make a little more sense to me, I just need to work on those observations/critical thinking skills. Just blanked on that piece of the instructions.

Its working great, and I’ve got the basic tools now to move forward with other things. Big thanks to everyone for being so great!! :grin:


No worries, the IDE can be a little confusing going in, but once you figure it out it opens so many doors,


@desertblade and @tonesto7 I looked through the API variables in the nest manager smart app and it seems that current set temp, scheduled set temp are all exposed. I see no reason why we cannot implement remote sensor data micro adjustments to the nest native scheduled temps so that rooms with remote sensor have more balanced temps.

I started considering the ecobee for this reason and started asking question in their threads. It seems @yvesracine has done just that. He explains and answers my questions on this thread https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-my-ecobee-device-v4-with-thermostat-multi-tile-ui-pictures-below/37832/42?u=shmookles

What do you guys think, I prefer to stay with nest if I can since I have it already, but is there any possible way to accomplish what I’m trying to do here?

I’m not sure what to say at the moment. I have no plans to add that level of complexity to the App mainly because I’m exhausted :expressionless:

If you feel like breaking it down for me like i’m an idiot then maybe I will be able to add it in. I don’t really use my setup like that, but I’m not opposed to investigating adding it in…

@tonesto7 if you are that exhausted I don’t want to push you, but if you feel up to it, I have no problem describing what I’m asking for in more simple terms. I really don’t think its actually a huge a code change. I think it builds a bit more on what you already have and makes it slightly more dynamic. Let me know and perhaps we can connect on this if you feel up to it. If not, no biggie I may do more research on the ecobee side and see if that option works better for my use case moving forward.

I don’t see the schedule temp in the API. There is target_temp but that is the temp that Nest-Manager sets


why can’t we use target temp?

Target_temp is the temp that is set on the thermostat. If you set your thermostat to 75 degrees that will be the target temp.

Why are you set on using the nest schedules? I

Basically its like this…

For starters I like that nest uses presence to build an automated schedule for me. I also like that as I adjust the temp manually it learns my preferences.

The latter is when I go to bed I set my nest to 74F and as the night progresses I have the nest slowly creep the temp higher every hour until it reaches 77F in the morning before I wake up. Everything currently works great, except that some rooms are a few degrees warmer than where the nest thermostat is located in the hallway. My goal is to keep it simply and use motions with temp sensors to help equalize the temp in those rooms.

Yes I understand it might mean nest manager would have to adjust the nest temp away from the schedule to accomplish the balance of temps using remote sensor data.

Thats basically it. I know I can use routines and automate them with other variables but I feel like what I have already works why change it? Maybe I am totally wrong here, not sure… thoughts?

Nest-Manager will totally override your schedule. You can probably set up a routine to just execute the averaging with a morning routine (which would be home), and leave Nest schedule alone when in Night mode, which is when you incrementally warm up the room.

Another option may be to use something like Flair (https://flair.co/) pucks to help with remote temp settings. Not sure how they will handle schedules but their forum is pretty active. I have a few coming “soon” and I am excited to see if they help with the one room that is always colder (basement)

Really? When did that change? I am in Canada and worked for me some time back (2-3 months ago). I dont recall even being asked what country I am in :confused:

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@desertblade yep I agree that in its current implementation nest manager will completely override my nest native scheduler. Thats exactly what I am hoping to get @tonesto7 to consider modifying. Look guys, at this point I sound like a squeaky wheel and I in no way want you guys to feel like I am not respectful of your time or the work you have done on Nest Manager. The smart app is freaking amazing and I commend you for this. I simply think we have a chance to fix a real annoyance with the nest here, but more and more we talk about I am getting confused on whether we can actually accomplish what I am looking for or not. If not, then perfectly fine, but if we can this can become a huge useful use case for many people.

So @tonesto7 let me know if you feel up to it and we can discuss in a bit more detail what i think needs to be changed. If not no biggie… ::cheers::


Nope, you are correct. Looks like I followed a link that went to an old terms and agreements page. But if I just click on the Sign Up it doesn’t say anything about being US only. I’ll make the switch today. Thanks!

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The simple answer is No. Nest does not expose the scheduling to outside apps, so there is no way for Nest-Manager to access it.

I’m slightly confused here. I finally got around to updating everything however in the app its still showing Device Type: v1.0.2.

I even removed the smartapp from within smartthings on the phone and it still isn’t changing. Any ideas??

@desertblade yeh I see your point now. Seems like there is no option then until they either add this feature into the API or come out with their own feature for this.

ST changed they way they cache HTMl pages and ‘broke’ our tiles. Well not broken, but they only update like once a day.

We have a fix in the upcoming release so hold tight. Most likely you are pulling from some cache.