[BETA][CLOSED] Nest Manager

(Anthony S.) #1

We need 10-15 testers to help identify any bugs that may exist in the new Nest App and Device Types and provide some feedback.


  • Able to add multiples devices from a single SmartApp
  • No need to many enter device serial number and login info in preferences
  • No need to use Polling apps for device updates
  • One API call updates all Nest devices
  • Since there is only a single poll for all devices, updates are more often


  • The info available through the Official API is very limited compared to the hacked version currently available.

If your interested please send me a private PM

(David) #2

I wish I had the nest! I would love to help you with this!

(Jeremy Phillips) #3

I’m game I have 2 smoke 3 cams and a 3rd gen

(Stuart Buchanan) #4

Looking very nice indeed

(Anthony S.) #5

Alright everyone thanks for the responses. I’ve reached enough testers for now and if no major arrise I will open to more people.
I’m just making a few last minute modifications to the app and making sure I can put as much info into the readme as I can. I will send something out later today.

(John Miele) #6

I’m just reset my entire hub and I’m adding devices. With 7 that protects I would love to get this versus putting them in Manually.

(Anthony S.) #7

I still can take a few more if you send me your github Id i will add you to the project

(Jeremy Phillips) #8

Jeremy2215 is my git handle. I would like to sample it

(NAF) #9

Please add ‘kilokill’ if you are still looking for a few more people

(Matt) #10

I’d love to get in on this. I’ve got 3 thermostats and 3 protects. My git handle is mjmcg.


i have 1 nest thermostat and 2 protects if you need another tester.

(Anthony S.) #12

Thanks for the requests. We are trying to get a couple minor issues resolved and then I will add in some more users. Hopefully in the next day or two.

(Mike Coscia) #13

Let me know! I have two nest thermostats and would love to give this a try!

(Anthony S.) #14

Thanks for your interest.
I’ve been trying to track down a bug causing issues which was hopefully just fixed. Once I get verification that it works and is working stable I will begin adding in more people.

(Chris) #15

I’m really intersted! i have a nest protect and 3 cams. Will be getting a thermostat soon too! Im really hoping for integration since other cameras arent that great that actually utilize zwave or zigbee

(Anthony S.) #16

Unfortunately it won’t support cams. Because that’s difficult to integrate with ST and I don’t have any to test with

(Benji) #17

Just wanted to drop in and say thank you for your work @tonesto7 but not only that, this is an insanely professional looking SmartApp. If SmartThings/Nest can ever work things out to provide official integration, they’d do well to just use this.

I have a Nest Thermostat and at some point will get Protects around the house, I cannot wait for your official release.

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #18

Yeah fantastic job I’m having fun with this learning a lot from some pros here

(Cullen Patel) #19

When you say, “No need to use Polling apps for device updates” does that mean changes in temp, humid, and adjustments made to set temp are all pushed real time? I have some keen home vents that are itching for such a solution for the nest… Thanks!

(Anthony S.) #20

The App handles all commands and polling removing the need for polling apps

Unfortunately the limitations ST has in place don’t allow real-time incoming events. The only way to make that work is with a self-hosted in between server to relay data to a Web Endpoint

The handles all commands and polling