Removed hub by mistake, is it possible to restore from backup?


I was trying to remove a zwave device and instead I removed my hub with all the many connected devices. Is it possible to somehow restore the hub and all the connected devices to it? I didn’t “reset” the hub.

In fact when I was trying to add it back it asked me for a “welcome code” and I don’t have it anymore as it’s v2 hub and it’s 8 years old. How to I add it back or get this welcome code?

Unfortunately you’re not the first:

I haven’t been through the first thread linked above, but from memory it wasn’t good news in the second regarding backup. Not sure if the storage has charged since then

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How easy is it to remove a hub? Just as easy as any other device? If yes, that should be changed as soon as possible! Like three requests if the user is really, really, really sure.

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See the other two threads already linked to. It’s pretty much the same as removing any other device and way too easy right now, but that’s discussed in detail in those threads.


As far as getting the welcome code or seeing if restore is possible, you will need to open an official support ticket. And you will probably need to send them a photo of the label on the bottom of your hub.

Samsung changed the way support requests were handled a few months ago. I think at this point you’re supposed to use the “contact us” option in the SmartThings app. :thinking:

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Tagging @nayelyz - she can assist with Welcome Code when she is online but start with ST support as mentioned above since it is the weekend.

You may also want to ask Support if Hub Replace works in your situation. There should be a backup (timeframe unknown). Check if the Replace Hub option is available when you get the hub added back. I have never heard of any discussion on whether this option is available from those who have experienced the hub deletion.

I doubt it will be avaialable since it is a hub deletion vs hub failure but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Thanks for the tag, @jkp!
Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @pr0lab! I can help you get the Welcome Code, I only need the serial number, please.

About recovering the Hub’s information, if you clicked on the option “Remove device”, it calls a process where the info about the devices and Hub is removed, so, we cannot recover it.

Note: When you clicked this button, did you get the confirmation pop-up?