Accidentally Removed Hub

I was trying to add one of my kids’ phones as a mobile presence (since the tag batteries die so quickly) and accidentally removed my hub and everything associated with it. It is not a very intuitive process; her phone showed up with my name so when I tried to remove it and start over, I guess I removed the hub.

I’m starting from scratch, but how do I add switches etc that were associated with my old set up?

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. If they are ZigBee switches you can just re-pair them. If they are Z-Wave you’ll need to go thru the process of removing them first. From the mobile app (iOS), you’ll want to go to Location Settings (in left menu - tap the gear icon) > Then tap your hub name > Z-Wave Utilities > General Device Exclusion > then follow prompts and hit the pairing buttons on the all the devices you want to remove.

If you run into snags don’t hesitate to chat with support in the app or email them at

Thanks Ben. Do they need to send me a new activation code for my hub because I’m having trouble getting it back up and running?

They did send a new code and I have it working again.