Big Mistake: Deleted My Hub...Need Help Re-adding Devices

I mistakenly deleted my hub.

Since that point I have reset the hub thinking I could just re-add devices. So far that hasn’t worked out.

I’ve added the hub to the app but am unable to add any devices manually or via automatic discovery. Also when I log on the website it doesn’t show I have any hubs. When I look in the mobile app it shows I have an active hub. No idea where to go from here.

Any help would be appreciated

Probably for this issue you’ll have to work with SmartThings Support. A search of the forum should turn up a number of folks to have been in the same situation.

EDIT: Ooops! Re-read this. I originally thought you needed to get your hub back! The guys, below, are on the right track… :neutral_face:

If they are zwave devices, you need to exclude them first. If they are zigbee you reset them and re-add them.

Not sure how to exclude them. Please explain

Wrong website.

Always go to