Removed device cant add it back

So once again new update jacked up my setup. The issue im having and cant seem to find info on is how to remove saved or old mac ids of devices connected or previously connected devices on my hub. I force removed some sonoff_tas and now i need to re add them but I cant.When i look at the Hub under devies on network the mac id still show up there but there not connected any more, smarthings ide shows nothing
So long story short besides factory rest (again) how to clear old device mac ids

Have you done a general exclusion with the devices in question?

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there wifi , can you exclude wifi switches

No. Only Zwave. I missed the Sonoff in your original post.

After about 4 hours screwing with it I thought id replace the switch with a backup that hadn’t been connected to my network yet. Sonoff tasmota using the hue emulator what i have about 20 all ready running and low and behold the hub wont find the newly installed one either. so there new up date must have messed up something in reguards to adding a sonoff device. But all the devices that are connected work. I see them on my network router web page and Alexa can control them but not samarthings

love updates