How to Delete Account?

It’s been a long and tiresome ride with SmartThings and due to all of the issues, outages, etc. I would like to close my account. It’s not as straightforward as one would think, so I must be missing it… can someone point me to the delete account button?


Echoing this request, for a different reason: My setup is FUBAR, and needs to be cleared out scorched-earth style.

I’ve factory-reset my hub (and haven’t reconfigured it yet, this is still the old garbage), but when I go to I have 2 Locations listed. When I try to delete the first one, I get a 500 server error. When I try to delete the second one it works for awhile, then tells me I’ve successfully deleted it. But both locations are still there, even after a page refresh.

There should be a way to completely disassociate your account, so I can start over fresh with the same identity.


Support can do it. But it is much quicker to just use an email alias (e.g., or different email account entirely to create a new Account.

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