Remotely power cycle your hub with a WiFi Power switch $17.19 w/Prime

Looking for something to remotely power cycle your hub? You’ll need a switch outside of SmartThings. This little switch also works as a Wifi N300 extender. $17.19

I’d also recommend checking the electrical clearance section of your location Home Depot. Many of them have the iDevices wifi outlet for $13.03. That one works with Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit. With the TRENDnet the app is your only option.

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The Hub V2 has battery backup…so that will not reboot a V2 Hub, providing the user is using the battery backup feature.

There are multiple threads about the issues with the batteries in V2 hub. The inability to powercycle it is only one of them. The general consensus is to just remove them and plug it into a UPS.

No offence but I thought that was obvious enough that it didn’t need to be stated…

You’d be surprised on how many people forget this aspect of the hub. I have dealt with numerous users that say they “rebooted the hub,” and when I confirm they hit the button in the back…I get an “Ooops” back.

Granted these are users that aren’t on the boards or very technical…but they do exist!

Those must be the ones that broke the curve with the average of 15 connected devices. How many with 1-2 devices does it take to make up for those of us with 100s of devices ?


Hello, I will ask the dumb question, what other problems are their with the batteries?

I recently did add a UPS and did not bother to remove the batteries.

Yes, cannot power cycle by removing power…

What other problems are their?

It sounds like I should remove the batteries this weekend. :slight_smile: