Remote reboot of router

While away on vacation my modem or router got hung up and it got me thinking about a remedy. In the past i have just used a plain old outlet timer to reboot daily but that’s admittedly excessive. Has anyone tried one of these?

It looks like it can sense an internet outage and can reboot two devices. It also has a web interface. The price is not cheap but should help ensure I am connected even when far away.

I have one at work but I don’t use the auto-reboot. I have another equipment plugged into it that sometimes I need to power off to gain access again.

I’ve never considered using these at home. I could see my self (someday) getting a few of these.

You could go with a WiFi switch to reboot the router remotely. On a v2 hub, you’ll need to remove the batteries too. If you do a search on Amazon, there’s a variety of cheap Wifi outlets. Here’s a couple:

This is the one I use. It’s not inexpensive (50% more than the ST hub itself), but I happened to have one available. My remote hub is connected via a Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router (which I see is no longer available) which, unlike my cable modem here at home, has yet to fail to provide an internet connection. At the remote location, I have the remote power switch set up to re-boot the SmartThings hub every night – as I had experienced a hub lockup after a pushed software update prior to remote deployment. Brute force, I know, but it has been solid now since December '15.

Eventually I expect to have a cable modem at that location and this box will ‘ping’ the outside world and, if there is no answer within some number of tries, reboot the cable modem.

I think he is talking about his actual router for network not his ST hub. That is what I was talking about anyways…

You’re 100% right, Eric. The thing I use can do that, too. I just chose to have it reboot the hub for reasons mentioned…

Oh, you’re right, if the router is dead, there’s no WiFi so these switches won’t work.

This should do it: if it fails to ‘ping’ the outside world, your modem could be re-booted…

Yep I have this and used it to control router and modem. I had a netgear router that would randomly lock up at a vacation home. Didn’t take too many times where I couldn’t adjust thermostat, view cameras, etc… before I started looking for this solution. Once implemented, it saved me more than a couple times…Later I got a better ASUS router and the issues stopped happening but I left it connected. That worked well until I did a firmware upgrade :wink:. When router stopped working during upgrade, power switch noticed and power cycled it in the middle corrupting the firmware. Had to use Asus firmware recovery utility for that one :)…But yeah aside from that human error, I thought it was worth it for the extra protection when away.

Yes, I was talking about my Internet router. It’s a rare occurrence for the router to hang, but if it does my Smarttthings hub is completely useless. This is especially concerning for the alarms and blink cameras.

I may give the device I mentioned a try because the peace of mind is probably worth it. I just wasn’t sure how effective it would be, so I thought I’d check to see if anyone else has a similar device.

Yeah, a wifi controlled plug would be a good solution. TP-Link makes one too if I am not mistaken.

I love my web power switch:

@steve_ledridge even wrote a DH for it:
Suggestion: New option for switches "Cycle"

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Nice, but a bit on the expensive side. Unless you have a real need for those plugs being controlled by ST, you are paying $129 to be able to reboot a $99 device :wink:

I hear you and agree, but I have all of my structured wiring, NAS, ST, etc all installed in a very small closet that is hard to get to. My “hourly” rate to get in there and unplug devices has gone way up the past few years so to me its worth the savings in labor costs. :grin:

I find that my cable modem needs to be restarted every week or so and this is a convenient way to do that and I can even schedule it to happen automatically to avoid lock ups.

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I think I might have confused some people with my post! I’m interested in the ability to reboot my Internet router because if it hangs, Smarttthings is down and it ain’t coming back until I get back home. The $99 device I’m considering should perform the necessary power cycle. Though it is the same price as the ST hub, it supports much more if you consider all of the things I have connected to it!

Frankly, I have also considered the web power switch, but I don’t think I need that many outlets.

You always need more outlets. And sometimes a bigger hammer, but usually more outlets :smiley:

I almost bought that one yesterday but the review seems mixed enough for me to spend a bit more time thinking about it… I have a couple servers, a router, switches and access points that this would be useful for.

I am interested, even more now that I know there is a DH for it.

I agree with Adrian, for $30 more you get so many more outlets. I have found a use for every single outlet on my web power switch. It’s worth the money!

If your modem and router are like mine, a scheduled reboot helps prevent locking up so you can schedule this to happen while you sleep.

Yeah I was worried about the reviews too, but I haven’t had any issues and I have really enjoyed the ability to restart something from my couch or even remotely via VPN. My ISP had an issue several months back that required that I reboot my cable modem several times a day and that alone made me extremely happy I had this switch.

The scripting features of it are cryptic and something I haven’t explored, but knowing it has these abilities is a nice to have. You can simply restart an outlet via HTTP call and that is what the DH is using.