Laggy system flooded event log

My system has been running very slow tonight. I have done a couple Zwave repairs with no errors but my logs are flooded with these entries. Any idea what they are?

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By any chance do you have multiple Sonos devices? There is a known problem where multiple Sonos devices can flood the log, perhaps with runway polling, and bizarrely cause Zwave devices not to respond. Currently the only workaround is to remove Sonos devices until there is only one or two left.

But write to and see what they say.

I don’t hv any. Dang it now I got something my else to buy.

OK so all the events has the same device ID associated with them but I have no way to find out what it is that I can find


Any ideas how to track that down?

That’s the MAC of the Sonos you gonna buy this weekend, or maybe your neighbor’s Sonos…

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another odd thing. I tried rejoining a few devices this morning. when I rejoined one of my ST814 the Hub log showed that it was the motion/temp HSM200 in the livingroom. not the ST814

you guys are gonna break me. I cant sustain buying like this…

Sonos can really warn you about things:

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your gonna make be buy one arent you Bobby

You got me to get an Echo this week now a Sonos whats your commission rate?


this is beyond annoying. My system wont do anything because the hub is bogged by those events constantly flowing. It will turn on lights 30 seconds late and misses most triggers. What is this thing doing?

the interesting thing I found is when I run the bye routine that turns the lights all off and sets the alarm the errors stop when it returned home they started again

Because I rely on text to speech I can’t read your log entries, but if this is device type 04, it’s part of the LAN discovery. It’s not supposed to cause a problem, but if it is, contact so they can take a look at what’s happening.


Thanks for the reply it is Index # values like this

index:17, mac:000420F5A47A, ip:C0A80177, port:201E, requestId:3ae5386f-ed57-4650-a526-7bc600c7aa4c, headers:SFRUUC8xLjEgMjAwIE9LDQpDYWNoZS1Db250cm9sOiBuby1jYWNoZQ0KUHJhZ21hOiBuby1jYWNoZQ0KQWNjZXNzLUNvbnRyb2wtQWxsb3ctT3JpZ2luOiAqDQpDb250ZW50LUxlbmd0aDogMg==, body:W10=