[RELEASE] AQARA zigbee wall switch DTH by WooBooung

Hi, This is DTH that connects the Aqara wall switch to SmartThings Hub.

I tested it with a model that needed a neutral line.
(single rocker and double rocker)

If anyone has a no neutral model, please test it.
And if you have a problem, please provide me with information such as capture.

(my device -> aqara switch)




1. Connect to https://account.smartthings.com
2. My Device Handler -> settings
3. Owner : WooBooung / Name : BooungThings
4. update from repo -> select 'BooungThings'
5. check integrated zigbee switch DTH
6. click Publish and save
7.  in smartthings app, + device and search -> push Aqara wall switch for 5 sec 
8.  Aqara switch is connected automatically

aqara switchh

You can check through the video
It’s Korean, so please translate the subtitles


Hi @OhJungTae,

These devices report power, at least the double rocker w/neutral does. Your DTH should include that capability if the new single rocker supports power. It’s Cluster ID 0B04/0702, which is in the raw description you posted above.

I believe the new Aqara single rocker should also work with ST’s stock DTH called “ZigBee Switch Power”, but I have not tested that. If so, then this device will be local to the hub and not require a custom handler.

Here’s the DTH I’ve already published for the double rocker. It has the power attribute, as well as the child devices. Works in both the Classic and new app.


More info:

FYI @WooBooung

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You can simplify your instructions for #1-2

  1. Connect to https://account.smartthings.com

Then #2 is no longer required for selecting the hub



oh thanks :smile:

This dth is integrates many switches released in Korea.
Some Korean or Chinese compny’s simgle rocker switches registed as ‘Thing’, forcing users to change dth directly to a ‘zignee switch’.
And since Korean light switches use up to six rocker, so it is made to automatically register 1~6 rocker dth once it is registered.
(for convenience)
As you said, the Aqara single rocker switch does not have to install a separate dth, but for the reason described it was induced to install in the video.
and I’ll try the ‘zigbee switch power’ dth.
Thank you!

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Hi @OhJungTae, that makes sense if you want to use just 1 DTH for any combination of rockers. Based on the raw description from your first post, that switch supports power reporting, so you might want to add that capability for ST users.


Yes, I just tested it. Thank you again :blush:


FYI @OhJungTae , I’v updated my DTH for the double rocker to include cluster 0702, which is accumulated energy (kWh) since the device was first joined to a hub. You can NOT reset this kWh value without completely factory resetting the device (which means losing everything and rejoining). More detail here:

Installed Aqara Smart Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker), model WS-USC01; can turn light on/off with physical switch button.

Added DTH:
aonghus-mor : Aqara Wired Wall Switch No Neutral
johndoyle : Aqara Zigbee Wall Switch
jsconstantelos : My ZigBee Switch
WooBooung : Integrated ZigBee Switch

all DTH are published in SmartThings account, wall switch is blinking blue after holding down, but neither SmartThings or SmartThings Classic recognize [add] switch when searching, any advice?

That’s a super old DTH of mine, so I wouldn’t use it.

I don’t have that particular switch, but it should join as a Thing using either mobile app. Personally I’d use the Classic app, but both should work. It is a finicky device, so start the join process on the app and then tap on the switch. If it still won’t join, try a factory reset and try again.

Once it joins, you can change the DTH (Type field) to ST’s stock DTH called Zigbee Switch or Zigbee Switch Power, or one of the others you’ve mentioned above.

Hopefully someone who has one of these can chime in with more advice.

Thanks for the quick response! Currently (still) searching with Classic app.
I’m trying to learn about the catchall method but I’m not having much luck in how it’s used (total noob here). Do I somehow enable it on SmartThings, or is it a git code I’m looking for?

Booung’s integrated zigbee switch supports the Aqara single, double rocker switch (no neutral, with neutral both)

If the device is not added, can you tell me the information on the capture?


First I’d like to apologize for my lack of knowledge, as I’m fairly new to this.

As far as the capture goes, I’m not sure how to get the capture that you’ve posted; here are the events that I see for my hub [V2]

EDIT: added 2015 hub version

Can’t you register your aqara switch with “Thing” ?

Please check if there is a GoQual switch on your device list.

Previously reset hub after failing to pair with various DTHs; aqara switch is not registering, even with “thing” on SmartThings classic search. I also tried starting the search first, and then holding down the switch button to trigger pairing mode, but no go.

In Korea, many people use Booung’s ‘integrated zigbee switch’ dth to connect the WS-USC01 model.

I don’t know why the connection fails. Did you press the switch for 5 seconds and go into pairing mode?

I also have a DTH written for the double rocker, which also supports displaying power (active watts), as well as energy (kWh) since reset, as well as the capability to reset while saving total kWh since installed (as a device state variable). Booung should probably update their DTH for those capabilities in case an ST user wants to use that in Automations or SmartApps.

My switch goes into (what I’m assuming is) pairing mode: I get a blue light flashing and the physical switch becomes non-functional.

Oddly enough, I was able to pair the Temp/Humidity sensor just now (using @johnconstantelo’s code, as it was the most up-to-date one I could find for that device). Now I’m wondering if the switch is somehow defective…

EDIT: not sure why I didn’t think to bring this up earlier or whether it’s at all pertinent, but the switch does not leave pairing mode; I have to reset the breakers in order to regain ‘dumb’ switch functionality.

So, I bought the Aqara hub hoping to get the switch paired up and then be able to pair it directly to my SmartThings hub and the damned thing didn’t want to pair with the Aqara hub either!

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help, it appears to be a hardware issue, I’m returning the switch.


I know its been since June since anyone said anything but i just used the DTH from the above video for the WS-USC01(No Neutral , Single Rocker) and it work perfectly no issue. Thanks for the post and DTH