Auto router reboot

Has anyone tried or figured out a way to automatically reboot a router when smartthings can’t connect to the internet?

Are you talking about the internet router or the smartThings hub? I actually have a wemo switch cycling power for the ST hub. As for the internet router. You can login to your router and reboot it. Funny how I have a smart switch to fix a smart hub.

I mean the router connecting to the internet.

I have a pretty smart router (cisco meraki mx60) I can log into it and do all sorts of things blah blah blah. But went it looses connectivity and I’m not home I am out of luck. I know of one product that does an auto power cycle when the internet goes down. The bluebolt powerswitch by panamax has a setting where you can tell it to power cycle things if no internet connectivity is detected for x amount of time. I’ve installed them in several places where needing to power cycle a router is pretty common.

That being said I don’t feel like spending several hundred dollars when I have a device tied to a service that emails me when the internet goes down.

I was thinking maybe some sort of circuit that checks in with the smarthub every x amount of minutes. If the smarthub can’t respond it executes a power cycle of an outlet which the internet router will be plugged into. It’s got to be cheaper than the cheapest bluebolt out there.

I use a power strip with IP control. Wattbox. It pings a gateway and if it doesn’t respond it will cycle the power to the modem and router and then send me an email when up.


If the router is Linux based, sounds like you could be running a script on it that pings a few sites every couple minutes, and if ALL sites don’t respond to the ping, it issues the restart command on the router. Or you could run that script on a local server just as easily. Most every router that is even remotely smart will have either a telnet/ssh or web interface with a restart command - far better than power cycling the thing.

When SmartThings tells you your hub is down you can’t use it for anything (with a V1 hub, anyway) so it can’t turn off an outlet.

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I like it. Although my router doesn’t have CLI support (that I know of) I don’t see why it can’t do what you’ve described. I’m going to request that as a feature.

I do however have an IP controled power strip. I never thought about running a script on a server to issue the reboot. Mine is a WTI power switch. I use it to turn my lab equipment on and off over my VPN. Maybe it’s time I make it do more.

Have any of you guys made a script like this? can I have a look at it?

I power cycle my modem and router daily using NetReset.

I know there is a C# service that someone wrote that ran on a local windows box, that would power cycle a Belkin WeMo switch if it couldn’t connect to the internet after a period of time. Belkin Wemo has an api, so you could write it on any that script fairly easily. It might be the cheapest route.

Here was the youtube video on watched on it awhile ago, and it has the code there

I did have this running awhile ago, but i don’t use it because my network connectivity is solid.

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I know this is old but you could do this what a raspberry pi or similar device. It could ping an ip (ip instead of hostname so that dns isnt the issue) and when it cant ping for a certain amount of time it could ssh/telnet into your router and give it the reset command. This is safer than just hard power cycling a router/firewall, the only downside is if the problem is that the router/firewall stopped responding then it wouldn’t work.