Remote reboot of router

Scripting would be used to do this right?

if(!ping()) {
    device.OutletAction(1, "off")
    device.OutletAction(1, "on")

I think you could accomplish this with the $25 TP Link wifi plugs. You can either set a schedule to turn off and on at a set time, or set something like a 2 minute timer to turn the plug on, then go back and manually turn it off.

On edit, I guess it helps to read the whole thread before posting :blush:

Yes, though it does have functionality to automatically ping and recycle devices too on its own.

The internal scripting allows you to do more advanced use cases.

I’d prefer to not reboot unless I have an issue. I am talking about servers, router, access points…

I built something to do a power cycle only when there’s no internet connectivity. I posted it on the Wemo site here Check it out.

Clever solution! :sunglasses:


This may do the trick