Network outlet with auto restart

Wanted to share this here.

These guys make a wired network dual outlet that has an auto-ping feature where it will restart your router/modem or whatever if it loses internet connection. I asked them about any kind of API to control it, they said its just a cgi script. I thought if anyone was interested, they could write a SmartApp to control these.



I could see putting that on my Modem and Router… very neat idea…

We use them at work to keep internet services up at our properties.

these exist too…dont have any control documentation on them though

I use a Wattbox at home that monitors my devices via network ping or a website and if they are down, it can auto-cycle the power or I can get a notification or remotely flip an outlet on or off (assuming the internet is working).

There are a lot of these types of IP power devices out there, has some nice ones as well.

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These are pretty cool. I can see a need for one of these on the ST hub as I’ve noticed a couple times of extended internet outage that ST hub has to be rebooted in order for it to communicate once the internet comes back up. Or maybe ST could update the firmware to do that automatically.

Say if internet not available reboot hub every 15 mins until internet communication is reestablished.

i was just going to beg for,… i mean suggest something like this

tried with my regular ge jasco outlet - but dumb thing is once network is down… cant turn it back on remotely… then i thought welll most of the time its an issue with the cable modem, not the router… so i only hooked it to modem assuming smartthings would still run on local network - it will, wont it???

but i think my router has to be restarted evverytime modem does so no dice


I am afraid it won’t.

Yes, a wattbox or digital-logger power strip can setup a ping and if site is not responding, reboot a device. Use it for my cable modem. If the internet goes down, I power down the cable modem, wait 60 seconds and power it back up, then wait 5 minutes, if still doesn’t respond to ping, I repeat until internet is back up.

After so many times calling comcast and hearing them say, turn it off, wait turn it back on, does it work now… I automated it :smile:

Also, did this at my parents place, no more the internet isn’t working calls from Dad.

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i also have this little cheap remote thing with three outlet adapters. i use it to turn on a “white noise” maker across the room. wow im lazy

at any rate , its not internet enabled, just rf, so could i just use that to say off… wait,. on

? as long as the distance isnt too far from me

I can definitely recommend the one from Digital Loggers. I don’t have it automated but I use it to remotely reboot my Hub (and other equipment) on occasion. It has been very reliable (mine is version 4 and the current one is version 7).

When I was using a Vera there was a user created device type to control the LPC. I’d love to see a device type for this on Smarthings as well but is beyond my programming skill level.

I have started to make a device type for the Digital Loggers Web Power Switch…

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I’ve used Webpowerswitch for years now. It is awesome. You can ping local computers and if they don’t respond it will reboot them. I also have set to ping internet site and if it can’t, it will reboot my modem and router. It also resets after power outage. There is also a Remote Power Cycle App for Android the works great with it. It would be great if I can access it through Smarthings app!

John, look at the post just above yours. I use this device handler and it works great.

Thanks, I did see that but I have no idea where to begin with adding a device like that. As soon as I have a couple free minutes, I’ll research it.

I finally got this working. It doesn’t show current status for switches. They all show off even though they are all on. pressing the button does nothing. pressing the cycle button does cycle the outlet. All the button names are good. Any ideas?

FYI - I’ve tested it successfully with the digital-loggers DIN Relay Module as well - most of their switches use the same protocol. Great products and price point.