Remind me how to get notifications off of an Aeotec Multisensor 6

I should know this since I got 10 of them 2 years ago. But one of them just failed, and I can’t figure out how to get notifications from my new replacement. Such as if there was motion.

The current Android Automation tab “Add a SmartApp” gives me a long list of nothing I have.

Why can’t I click on the device itself to add notification of motion? Its Settings icon does not bring up its apps, or making new notifications. Even tapping its SmartApps does not have a simple “+” for assigning a new notification. It sure should. Come on, SmartThings! How hard is this?

I’ve successfully added the new Aeotec Multisensor 6 to my hub, and put it in the right room, etc. I even added it to my CSchwer log and Simple Event Logger.

But I can’t remember the mysterious steps to add simple notifications to this device.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

What smartapp are you using for the other nine sensors that gives you a notification?

I seem to recall the capability was built into the SmartThings app, but I had to hunt around to find it back in the day. Can’t remember where; tired of hunting.

I am not using any third-party app for notifications from my other AMSs.

Do you have to use a third-party app for all ST notifications, even simple motion?

There is the ‘Notify Me When’ app that is under safety & security in the add smartapp area. I personally use webcore for myself. I recommend Super Notifier too.