Aeotec Multisensor in Automations


Migrated over from SmartThings Classic and brought in all of our previous routines. Had problems with some of them, just ended up recreating them. However we have a very specific issue, which I assume other people would have seen, but cant find anything online.

We have a combination of Aeotec Multisensor and Samsung Motion Sensors. We have noticed in our automations, e.g. Good Morning, only the Samsung sensors seem to trigger them. So for example:

Bathroom: Aeotec
Landing: Aeotec
Office: Aeotec
Guest Bedroom: Samsung

(All the aeotec ones are connected via USB / DC Power rather than batteries hence the reason we use them).

Only tripping the motion sensor in the Guest Bedroom is causing “Good Morning” to happen. The individual motion sensors themselves are all reporting “Motion Detected” so in and of themselves they appear to be working, just not causing the automation to fire.

They all run the erocm Device Handler and at least one of them has been updated to the latest firmware and as I say under the classic app appeared to be working fine.

Am I being completely idiotic and missing something obvious? Apologies if its already answered somewhere, I’d be happy if someone can point me to a link about it.


Can you post a screenshot of what your automation looks like?

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I’ve seen the posts about the preconditions and what they do so I’ve also tried skimming it down to just “night and motion (one sensor at a time) still only triggers when the Samsung sensor detects motion and not the aeotec ones.

We’ve also written the same functionality into a piston and that works so again I believe the sensors are fine just not for some reason creating a trigger for an automation.


Hmm, ok that should work. The only thing I’d say to try would be removing the 1 second restriction. Do you have the 1 second setting in a piston as well?

hah sorry forgot about that, yeah i just tried to put that in as i wasnt used to seeing the motion duration setting and wondered if that was causing it, but yeah doesnt make any difference with or without it. as i say it does seem very much like its an aeotec and automations problem moreso than the actual integration itself.

If you haven’t yet, try using the official Multi 6 dth and then the official Z-Wave motion sensor dth.