[RELEASED]: Migrated to mtg.ActionTiles.com: "jggdev" Weather, News, and Calendar Media Tile services

My weather tile was working great until this morning. Any one else notice theirs is gone? http://jggdev.com/atiles/weather.php?&loc=08831

Yup, gone.

I hope it is just a maintenance cycle.

It got eaten by the Gator

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Now I am getting a different error page. The first it said off line do to maintenance. Now forbidden can’t be displayed. I do hope it comes back as it is the nicest display yet.

It’s Back on line

As of a few minutes ago back offline. They must have a major outage.

It’s still off line for me. Any update?

I don’t even know where to ask.

Anyone have any word on the web page?


Thank you for the update, glad to see something good might come of this.

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It’s not working for me now. The news is fine but the weather is displaying mixed up dates and wrong forecasts.


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It works! Thank you. I’m a happy chappy with my panels once again displaying the weather forecast.

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Thank you, works great. You are on the ball.

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working for me (month calendar and RSS)

Actually if I click on the example above in @tgauchat post, every few seconds the date changes between 12/31 and 1/10. It’s like the today forecast is okay, but the following dates are stuck at 12/31.

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@tgauchat Yes I am seeing the same thing December shouldn’t be there.18 AM

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Thanks everyone!

The bug regarding the Weather dates shown, is noted and we’re investigating. I have a theory already, but we’ll see.

Can this be run locally? Would like to setup for my panel.

Fixed! Please verify… Thanks!

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