[RELEASE] Zooz Zen26 Switch

Here’s the handler from the new paddle switch from @TheSmartestHouse, which you can read more about here: https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/light-switches/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-on-off-wall-switch-zen26-with-simple-direct-3-way-4-way

The code is here…

Updated 11/18/2018 for the off timer parameter.
Updated 11/19/2018 fix the LED parameter with all options


Thank you!

I noticed that by switching friom the Z-Wave Switch Generic to this DTH, it moves the execution from Local to Cloud-- is there a way to have a local fallback in case the internet goes down?

All custom DTHs run in the cloud…

Figured. So there’s no chance that basic executions (ON/OFF) could be defined in the DTH for local processing and the rest in the cloud?

It has nothing to do with the features in the DTH. If you installed the handler through the IDE it runs entirely in the cloud, no exceptions.

What you can do is use the custom DTH to make configuration changes and then switch it back to one of the built-in handlers that support local execution.

I’ve tried to do that- the DTH’s tiles appears no different than the generic handler. I loaded the Zen21 for comparison and at least that one is showing the LED indicator toggle switch.

The tiles are determined by the handler. I was referring to the settings.

For example, if there was a setting that allowed you to choose whether the led lights up when the light is on or off, you could make that change using the custom handler and then switch it back to the built-in handler and the setting you changed will be retained.

SmartThings seems to be suddenly handling differently a routine I’ve been using in my handlers for over a year now. So I had to make some updates to this one. Not major, but you may want to update if you were using the off timer.

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And…I completely missed that the LED parameter is changed in operation from the previous generation of these switches!! Just updated this one and the zen27 as well.

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