Help With Locally Run Switches

New to SmartThings and Z-wave. I’ve got a zooZ power strip (5 channel) that I thought I will be able to schedule to operate locally when internet is down/hub is not online. For example, power cycle my router, modem, or something else. I though I met all requirements here (using SmartLiights):

But no success. Support is not giving much information, suggesting to try one of the approved switches but they were not very reassuring that it will work. They even said it is not possible at first. Any thoughts?

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For Local Execution your Device Type must be in the subset of all Device Type Handlers that are included in the Hub Firmware.

I don’t know of any multi-Channel Z-Wave Switch DTHs that are in the set, but I could be wrong.

Check this list as a starting point?

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It’s all clear now.

I just want to add one thing that may help someone else: it is possible to switch device handler for certain devices to the “build in” ones and they will still work fine + will be executed locally.

For example, I’ve added Zooz dimmer ZEN22 - when used the custom device handler or “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic” no local execution. But I switched to “Dimmer Switch” handler and it performs as expected, listed as locally executable. YMMV