[Release] Zooz Zen21 switch v2

I have been using the Zooz Zen21 Ver 2.0 since February 2018 and they work fantastic. I keep seeing new scene control… is there a DTH that I could use for Ver 2.0 that enables scene control?

I am also looking to buy smart, color LED bulbs, that I would want to incorporate the ‘relay function’ so when some one hits this Zooz switch “off” it doesn’t actually kill power to the LED bulbs.

Are these two items possible with Zen 21 Ver 2.0, or do I need to pay for an upgrade?


I don’t think you can get to scene control on the zen21 v2, but I’ll defer to @TheSmartestHouse.

The ZEN21 VER. 2.0 is not updateable and both scene control and the ability to disable the relay were only added in VER. 3.0 so unfortunately, there is not a way to get your current switches to support these new features.

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