[RELEASE] Zooz Universal Relay (ZEN17)

You need to set change that Input Type setting to Contact Sensor and then remove the device and join it again.

This is the first “unable to sync” problem that’s been reported for this driver so something weird might have happened when you added the device and you should probably remove and add the device again either way.

How do you get the child devices to show when using the Edge driver? Or is that still in the works?

The ability to have separate child devices isn’t officially supported by ST yet so I wasn’t able to implement the driver like my DTH.

You can still control all the child devices from the device details screen, automations, scenes, but you can’t rename them or use them with 3rd party integrations like Alexa/Google Home.

You can make them appear on the dashboard within the parent tile by enabling the “Large View” setting.

There are a couple of workarounds that allow you to create and sync them as separate devices…

Do you have any manual for edge driver version of this. This is going away soon anyway.

There’s a driver available for this device on Zooz’s Edge Driver Channel.