Zooz Z-wave Plus battery-powered remote - ZEN34

Looks like they already sold out!

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I got one but they were sold out before 10am.


Email I got said it was a beta and quantities were limited.

Maybe it will be a non-beta product soon

That was my impression from the email.

Well if it helps the anticipation, I quite like it! :grin:


Here’s the handler for it…

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Thank You!

Will it work at all with any stock DTH?

Whatever handler it gets assigned during inclusion probably supports pushed and held for both buttons, but only in Smart Lighting or Button Controller. (that’s an assumption, I haven’t actually tested it)

Automations doesn’t support multiple button numbers so both paddles would end up triggering an automation.

That being said, if you want a built-in handler for local execution and you’re doing something simple like turning on/off/dimming a light then you can use my handler to setup a direct association between the devices.

Once that association is established the button sends the commands directly to the light so you could unplug the hub and still be able to control the light with the button.

Does setting up a direct association prevent the device from sending pushed and held commands to SmartThings?

No, it has no impact on what gets sent to the hub.

Group 1 is the lifeline group which usually only has the hub in it and the device sends a central scene notification to that group which has all the button information.

If there are device network IDs in Group 2 then the device sends a Basic Set (it might be switch binary) command to the devices in that group with either the on(0xFF) or off(0x00) command depending on which paddle was pressed.

If there are device network IDs in Group 3 then the device sends a Switch Multilevel Start command to the devices in that group when the button is held and the stop command when it’s released. The start command direction it sends is determined by which paddle is held.

If you use the association feature and then delete the other device, you need to manually remove it’s device network ID from this device’s settings!

If you don’t do that then the device will still attempt to send the message to it, but it won’t get a response so it will try 5 times, attempt a different route 5 times, and can repeat that multiple times resulting in a lot of extra traffic on your mesh.

If you’ve done that with multiple devices, have a weak mesh, or there are multiple other devices attempting to communicate with the hub while those are failing then the messages for those other devices can be delayed or fail which compounds the issue and it can sometimes take 5-10 seconds for everything to start communicating normally again.