Help Writing a Zigbee Smart Plug DTH

Hey All.

So i’ve spent the entire weekend reading though all the documentation for writing DTH’s that available on the site as well as reading over countless examples of Zigbee DTH’s and I just can’t understand how to get mine to work.

I have a Develco Smart Plug Mini (SPLZB-131) for which I’m trying to create a DTH for it.
I am able to get a DH working that is able to turn the plug on and off, and sometimes show the power usage, but that’s all.

I’m trying to recreate something like this ([RELEASE] Zooz Power Switch / Zooz Smart Plug) that is able to show the voltage, amps, energy usage and other attributes.

I have a copy of the documentation for the plug that details all the clusters and attributes (

I know the clusters and attributes that I want to pull the information from, and I know I can use the zigbee.readAttribute() command to read said information, but I just have no idea how to store the data and then make it show in appropriate tiles.

Could someone please explain the process of how this whole process works.

Try to find a Zigbee DTH that displays the metering data and use that as an example. If you’re unable to find one, look at one of the more complex Zigbee DTHs so you can see how the data sent from the device is parsed.

I believe the code for all the public SmartThings DTHs is located:


I just noticed you said you’ve already looked at countless examples. I would try to help, but I don’t know enough about Zigbee DTHs.