[RELEASE] Zooz Double Plug

This is a device handler for the Zooz Double Plug (ZEN25).

  • Creates parent device that allows you to see and control both outlets together, view the state of the USB port, and change configuration parameters. It also displays the combined Power, Energy, Voltage, and Current

  • Creates devices for left and right outlets which displays the Power, Energy, Voltage, and Current.

  • Creates a read-only component device for USB Port.


You need to install all 3 of the DTHs below for full functionality.

DTH for Double Plug

DTH for Outlets

DTH for USB Port


Right on time. Mine should be here tomorrow.

And they said it wouldn’t be available until tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tomorrow? Did ya spend more on shipping then the device? :slight_smile:

So no hunting down device id from zw join like the strip?

Correct, although SmartThings crashed a couple of times while joining the device, but it only happened with one of my hubs so I don’t believe it’s an issue with the device or handler.

I didn’t have time to test this DTH as much as I usually do so let me know if you run into any problems.

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Ordered Friday :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone know if these will be available on Amazon in the future?

I’m also wondering if it is financially feasible to purchase this if the Smartthings classic app is going to go away in the future— will these work with the new app eventually?

This handler should work with the new mobile app, but I’ll test it tonight and fix it if it doesn’t.


Its a bit more expensive…


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Eric, I think you’re better off buying directly from thesmartesthouse.com … leave a product review there and you’ll get a promo code discount for future purchases :slight_smile:


SmartThings recently made a change in the new mobile app that broke all my drivers that use child devices, but I’ll work on it this weekend.


Installed mine just now. Never realized there were so many parameter options! I believe I’m seeing the same new app issues as you @krlaframboise Looks like it displays 3 devices for each outlet in the new app.

And here is my use case. Needed something with a low profile that would fit behind our dresser


Is it possible to repress the power report from the events list of it hasn’t changed? It’s flooding the log.

Also slight typo :wink:

That’s weird, each outlet was only displayed once in the new app for me, but they all display an error when you try to open them…

I’ll add an option to the next version, but in the meantime, putting // in front of line 1040 might fix it…

thanks for catching that

Is it possible to control the LEDs separately from the switches?

Basically don’t want the LEDs on at night even if the switch is on.


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We’re working with ST on official integration so eventually, all of the devices will work out of the box (realistically, it will probably take a few months from now)

You can fully disable the LED’s by changing the advanced settings or clicking the Z-Wave button 6 times quickly but you won’t be able to turn them on or off on demand like the outlets, this would prompt a creation of 2 additional devices in the interface and could be a bit confusing for most users.

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That same typo is present on the Power Strip V2 DTH. :slight_smile: