Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 Double Plug ZEN25 with USB Port

This morning I got an email announcing availability, and reduced pricing, for Zooz’s new 2 switched outlet with energy reporting. Purchased a couple and sharing in case others are interested. The ST DTH is apparently not available right away but I am guessing it won’t be long.


Awesome! Thank you @krlaframboise

I messed up and put my hub ( in condo rental hours away) on this device. Turning it off will be HUGH screw up (hub controls ac, TV’s hot water when unit is not rented, saves me thousands a year on electric) sorry about extra info there.

It currently says left and right sides are on but the main plug shows off. The smart thing is to leave it alone until I get back over there in MAY but apperantly I’m not very smart…

Question: What happens if I press “on” (currently shows off) on the main plug even though left and right are actually on already (and show as on)?

Hope all that makes sense. :slight_smile:
Think I got this way by using app to turn off main plug then unit to turn on left and right by hand.


Open the main device that shows off and tap “refresh”.

see… not very smart.

Thank you, was having a fit. Guess it’s time to share some love (I do use a ton of your DTH’s with zooz after all). Mind sharing your link again. (and maybe a $ suggestion so as not insult the value of your time)?

You might also want to check that the outlets are set to turn on (or restore last condition) after a power outage. If it is set to stay off, then you might have to travel there to turn it back on. If you want to be able to hard reboot your hub, it would be best to use something independent from the hub… like a Wifi based switch.

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Great suggestion… gonna have to think about what’s best. Restore is best for the strip side but on is best for the hub side hmmm. :slight_smile:

Guess we go with on. Then add wifi switch behind the 25 will turn it back on. I like it.

Didn’t intend to plug hub into this but when the girls vacuum upstairs it pulled the st plug out of outlet and the 25 was nice and snug. Didn’t think it through.

I would not put the ZEN25 before or after any other controllable device. I would plug both the wifi switched outlet and the ZEN25 each on their own outlet.

I have one of these (wired not wifi):

The hardware and web based interface design of the DLI PowerSwitch are awful… but it works and it is relatively cheap.

I also have an older revision of this one found for much cheaper on Ebay:


…but there are many more options nowadays.

That’s not necessary, but here’s the link: https://www.paypal.me/krlaframboise

Donations are usually between $5 and $50, but I appreciate everything I get so I wouldn’t find any amount insulting…

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$100 it is. Probably show up as KRI.


Wow, thank you. I really appreciate it.

I assume you enjoy the mental challenge of writing good code but it really is appreciated by others.

Now how do we get zooz and ST to go local? :slight_smile:

I believe Zooz is working with ST to make that happen. The update said a few months but I would not hold my breath… however it will be great when that happens!

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Bought an 06 in April and have been told “in a few months” ever since. Still really like zooz stuff though.

The fact that they provide ota’s is a big plus and half the reason I buy them.

Does the auto on feature require the hub to be powered and online?

No, it’s a hardware setting.

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Well… that fixes my screw up. Sweet. Thanks.

It’s happening :slight_smile: We’re hopefully talking a few weeks instead of months now so cross your fingers! The ST team is still trying to figure out the multichannel component on the new app so that may take longer through we’re all hoping they’re able to address it sooner than later since there are many other brands that are affected by it.