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[RELEASE] TCP Connected bulbs work with SmartThings Again!

(Bill Kurtek) #29

what is the connect app where I would add the ip hub

(Ule) #30

The connect app is the manager who discover the lights and allows to add them to SmartThings.

Read the first post.

(Ule) #31

Still working stable, I just have 5 lights working and the response is fast, please tell me your experience with other setups.

@What_the_f What its your experience with 35 bulbs working in long term?


cant seem to get this to work.

I have a Netgear R6700v2 router

my tcp hub ip is

In the router i’ve set block on services for ip tcp/udp for port range 1-65535

I’ve added blocked sites:
greenwavereality. eu
greenwavereality. com
update.greenwavereality. com
update.greenwavereality. eu
(without the space after . )

I’ve blocked access control to ip:

followed the doc to update the firmware (which worked exactly as specified)

however in the smart things app i get “tcp gateway is not responding”

live log just shows “state.loadStatus Loading”

(Ule) #33

You no need to block ports in the TCP hub ip, you need to block just internet access

If you block the ports, ST can not access to TCP hub


I tried removing the port and still not finding my bulbs :frowning:


Do you need to have a Smarthings Hub/Gateway to use the TCP lights with Alexa?

Is there any step by step guide starting with how to downgrade the TCP hub firmware?

Thank you very much!

(Ule) #36

Yes, you need the SmartThings hub and TCP hub to use the lights with Alexa.


sorry for the long reply :slight_smile:
virgin hub v3
any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Carlos Ortega) #38

Hi, i do the donwgrade, but how do I do the rest? device handler and app connect. Some guide or manual? Thanks.

(Ule) #39

If you dont know how to install the connect and the device code I suggest you to read

(Carlos Ortega) #40

Thanks, i read the faq and i have the app in the phone, but hub not donwgrade de firmware. I do the instruccions 3 times and nothing dont work, in the phone tcp app appears 3.0.80.

Please help.

(Ule) #41

Hi. I have downgrade some gateways with the instructions , after downgrade, remember to block internet access to avoid the hub upgrade again.

(Carlos Ortega) #42

Try, try, try and nothing, in the dns this:
CNAME-record for =
and all work fine but not load the firmaware.

I block de,
it seems to work , but the tcp app in the phone does not connect with the bridge.

I have the firmware 3.0.80

(David Lloyd) #43

Where can I find the original TCP app? Google Play shows lots of apps when I search for “TCP Lighting” or “TCP Lighting App,” none of which appear to be affiliated with TCP.

(Henro Fall) #44

The app is kinda dead now, too. Even if you get the APK, I still had it die and no longer work with my hub. Thankfully, this:

(Ule) #45

Hi. I have ios and it´s working fine, no problem to setup new gateway, sorry I have not android.

(Henro Fall) #46

Am I right when I guess that this needs a Smart App and only works with the Smartthings Classic app?

I swear, I thought it used to work but now when I try to control the lights, I get an error from the new app saying it can’t connect to the device. The classic app works just fine.

(Henro Fall) #47

I find that everything works great until I want to add a new TCP bulb, then I basically blow everything up and have to start from scratch.

The logs aren’t much help… “physicalgraph.exception.ConflictException: Device still in use. Remove from any SmartApps or Dashboards, then try again @line -1 (doCall)”


(Henro Fall) #48

OK, so I figured this out. Edit the Smart App and look for line 152:


comment that line out by putting // in front of it, and save & publish. You can now add new bulbs.

I’m sure I am screwing something up but it is working so I am not digging any deeper.