[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Hey there. if you want to arm/disarm the IA app using a virtual switch, open the IA app click on Arm/disarm Settings -> Any of these switches are on -> Select your virtual switch. Now when the virtual switch is on, IA will arm and when it’s off IA will disarm. Hope this helps.

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Very helpful! Sorry I missed that very simple solution! Thanks for the quick response.


Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.07.00

  • (New) Added support for monitoring Garage doors (Meross WiFi, MyQ, Z-Wave, ZigBee etc)
  • (Fix) Don’t announce Disarmed on Ring Keypad multiple times when multiple instances of IA are being used
  • (Enhancement) Put limits on entry/exit delays
  • (Enhancement) Improve compatibility with new ST app
  • (Enhancement) Allow only supported arming devices to be selected under Beep keypad. This feature requires Ring Keypad device handler v02.00.00 or higher and ZigBee Keypad device handlers v02.00.00 or higher.

I’m loving this app! Nice work, @RBoy.

Wondering, is it possible to have the system not arm (and let you know why) if a door is open (for instance)? Essentially, it would be nice to have the system tell you it can’t arm b/c one of the sensors is not in the right state (doors open, etc.)?

I am hoping that there can be logic or a check to ensure doors aren’t open, there’s motion happening, etc. when arming the system.



Where can I find the Security System Intruder Alert with Actions in the new Smartthings? I’m able to find it in the classic app.


It doesn’t appear you have “installed” it. Tap the “+” to left of the hamburger icon in the top right.p and find the correct smart app.

It’s in Classic and shows in SmartApp IDE.

From the screenshot you have in classic, you are in the “add a smart app” section (My Apps portion, which is your code in the IDE). Even though you have the code in the IDE, you still have to install an instance of it. This is when you’ll be able to configure it, etc.

Ahhhh, thanks. Still learning on how to navigate the new app.

I wonder if @maddie or someone from @RBoy might comment on this post?

Currently using STHM with Konnected and Actiontiles on tablets for Kiosks.

Will this app override the STHM issue where the intruder alert has to be manually dismissed in the ST app to avoid the siren going off when the system is disarmed after a door/windows sensor is triggered? Unfortunately, I cannot get ST notiications on my fire tablet Kiosk, so anyone disarming would still have to take out their phone to disable the siren, which is not ideal.

Also, I saw some questions about using the Konnected piezo buzzer to beep the entry/exit countdown beeps. Has anyone got that successfully working?

Has anyone successfully used their Tablet Kiosk to make the countdown notification instead of using an external speaker?