[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Thanks for checking it out. I think I found the issue. The DTH for the keypad had a setting that armed the keypad by default. Once I turned that off it seems to be OK.

Is there anyone who has a clear description of how to get Alexa to countdown the delays. I finally have everything set up correctly (I think) using Konnected Alarm System integrated with SHM and suing the Rboy app but would love to have Alexa do the countdown. Have not figured out how to get audio from Alexa.

@RBoy under “beep keypad for entry/exit delays” im not seeing any of my ring keypads listed, just other handheld (zigbee) keypads.

How do I make this happen? What’s the trick?

Yes you can mix and match STHM and IAWA as long as they sensors don’t overlap. For that matter you can setup multiple rules in IAWA (without and without sensor overlaps), multiple arming conditions or separate arming conditions for each rules. IAWA is a more flexible version of STHM from a rules perspective as you can create upto 500 different rules each with it’s own arming condition, response (alarms, lights etc) and notification configurations.

I have things set up to sound siren and turn on all the lights when alarm is triggered. Does anyone have any advice on how to acknowledge the alarm, silence the siren, and turn lights back off? Is there a way to make it happen by disarming the system? Thanks for any ideas.

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In troubleshooting the above idea, something is turning off my siren when I disarm the system. The the IAA app turn off the siren after a trigger when the system is disarmed?

I’m brand new to Smartthings and RBoy smartapps. I use Konnected to modernize my Napco Gemini alarm system + an Amazon Fire tablet with ActionTiles for the main keypad and wanted delayed entry/exit with the new STHM app. I found this IAWA smartapp and installed it over this past weekend.

I’ve now successfully set everything up, working beautifully for my needs!

I have the STHM app enabled on our smart phones (with one dummy sensor) so we can use the dashboard via Smartthings. The tablet works perfectly to arm the system in STAY or AWAY modes with a delayed exit. Upon entry while armed, IAWA works perfectly with a delay before triggering the intruder alerts/siren, allowing us to disarm the system using the fire tablet. The ‘Disarm’ tile is secured with a pin code, so it behaves just like our previous keypad.

For extra customization, I integrated Alexa via one of our Amazon Echos in two ways:

  1. Whenever the alarm is initially armed in STAY mode via the tablet or Smartthings app (actually, when it begins the delayed arming event), Alexa announces “The alarm will set on STAY in XX seconds” just to notify & confirm that the alarm is about to be armed in that mode. It does the same thing for the AWAY mode if set for Away.
  2. I can also arm the alarm in either STAY or AWAY mode by saying “Alexa, set the alarm on STAY” or “Alexa, set the alarm on AWAY”, and it begins the delayed arming sequence with Smartthings.

I did not attempt to add a custom countdown via Alexa; however, because it would have involved some complex coding to sync up with current state of IAWA & STHM. Example: It begins the arming sequence & countdown, and then the user disarms the alarm. IAWA handles this perfectly; however, the way I’m using Alexa, it is not natively integrated with IAWA. Until the “Echo Speaks” feature for Smartthings is fixed/resurrected, I’m using a workaround to get Alexa to perform the simple actions I referenced above.

Thank you RBoy for an amazing set of tools!!!


I would like to be able to control STHM via the keypads 3 buttons, in 3 modes

  • arm-stay (only door/window sensors active)
  • arm-away (all motion/door-windows sensors active)
  • Deactivated

In your instructions about LUM (I have a Ring gen 2 keypad) I am confused about rejse 2 steps:

: “Tap Keypad Unlock Actions
** * Setup your Disarming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Home, Turn off Alarms etc and tap Done/Save”

What do you mean with “Turn off Alarms”, I can only find “Turn off switches”, should I here choose “STHM away armed?

2: “Tap Keypad Lock Actions
** * Setup your Arming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Away, Turn on switches etc) and tap Done/Save”**

What do you mean with “Turn on switches”, which switches are you talking about? “STHM away armed”?

What about using the keypad to choose “STHM stay armed”, as there is a dedicated button for this on the keypad. I would like to choose this when I go to bed.

These last 3 questions are critical for my use of your software together with the ring keypad. I tried e-mailen your support but i didnt Think they understood me so I hope somebody here can help.

Thank you.