[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Yes it works, I really like this ecosystem of apps and dths they have built. Makes my life so much simpler.

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Intruder Alert with Actions - Version 04.04.04

  • Restore keypad armed state if previously set
  • Workaround for ST Android Classic app v2.17 broken icons
  • Improved check for disarming if platform timeouts

Great! I was going to mail you about this problem. I noticed that my system started sounding the alarm a few days after it had been set to un armed. Will test asap.

FAQ: How to use with new app STHM Dashboard

  • create 2 virtual switches in the IDE -> My Devices -> + New Device ->
    • Name & Device network id: STHM Away Armed, Type: Virtual Switch
    • Name & Device network id: STHM Stay Armed, Type: Virtual Switch

To use as a STHM replacement with Entry/Exit delays:

  • disable all sensor monitoring/actions in the STHM security module
  • select the monitoring sensors in Intrusion Detection
  • select the Alarms in Intrusion Actions
  • select the STHM virtual switch for arming states in Arm/Disarm Settings (blank means all STHM states)
  • set the Notifications to push, SMS and/or speak alerts
  • then use the STHM Dashboard to arm/disarm the app


  • If you want to use separate sensors for each STHM state, e.g. Away and Stay, then install the SmartApp twice and configure Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Actions separately for each STHM state set in Arm/Disarm Settings. You can also give each installed instance a different name.

I’ve recently installed the LUM app which is amazing. Well while asking questions in the webcore forum about getting STHM to work properly, I was referred to this app(surprised I missed it). The problem I was having before arriving here was this: If I use the presence sensors to arm/disarm everythign…I have no problems. However, when manually arming/disarming is when I have a problem. I had already setup virtual switches so that I could control the alarm status via actiontiles…all that seemed to work fine. My problem has been that when I would come in a door…even through I had a delay set in STHM, the siren would delay…but the intrusion detection had already been detected and even though I disarm the alarm via the keypad in actiontiles…the siren would still go off until I got into the smartthigns app and disable the siren (cleared the intrusion detection). I would assume this app has the ability to “fix” this behavior…can you please explain how best to achieve this? Thanks. Also, while “playing” with this app, I setup my motion sensors, doors, etc in the app and now the motion sensor triggers the siren even when the status is set to “disarmed”…so clearly I configured something incorrectly (not good when your wife is working from home and the siren keeps going off, lol). Thanks!

Yes this app fixes that issue with STHM. When you disarm the app, any pending/delayed alarms are also cancelled.

You may want to check the arming/disarming page. All the conditions must be met for it to be disarmed. If you haven’t defined any conditions then it will armed 24x7 (e.g. when using as a Thief alert/monitoring setup). There are some examples of how to setup the app in the first post.

Thanks for the response @RBoy. So, as I said, I had STHM setup and working (aside from the siren going off). Do I need to disable or uninstall everythign for your smartapp to “takeover” control over all of that? Sorry for the newb questions.

If you’re using Intruder Alerts to replace the STHM security module then it would better to disable the security module in STHM otherwise you’ll have two security apps running which may cause confusion. The rest of the STHM modules (leaks, smoke etc) can remain on.

Thanks…well I have the virtual switches in place that switch with the mode of STHM…which also work within my actiontiles. I also have a Konnected alarm module to connect to my hardwired sensors. I certainly don’t mind disabling STHM. So intruder alerts will act as a fully functional sercurity module without the need of STHM? Thanks again/sorry for the headaches.

I created two virtual switches that are selected under “Intruder Alert” so “arm the system” happens when “Any of these switches are on”. All sensors are selected for “Intruder Detection Sensors”, no delays, and the Siren is selected. I can’t get the siren to activate when tripping a sensor. Thoughts on how to t-shoot this?

Also, STHM has the “armed stay” mode that effectively prevents the motion detector from setting off the siren, but I don’t see how to replicate this in the I.A. app.

@crankycowboy I think we have about the same setup using Konnected. Were you able to get this to work?

Ok, tested a bit more this morning. It will arm/disarm as expected if I select only one virtual switch in “Any of these switchs”, but there is no arming or disarming notifications when I select two of the newly created virtual switches.

@fshelton79 No sir. I think I’m confused about how to setup modes within IA to act similar to STHM. In STHM I have mode: Armed Stay: where all door/window sensors are active and the siren is set to go off after 30 seconds of an intrusion. And then Armed away: where all door/window sensors are also selected but then motion in the house is additionally selected. Everythign works as it should in STHM; however, if you enter a door while the system is armed, there is a delay before the siren goes off; however, once the intrusion alert is detected you can only dismiss via the app and I want to be able to do it via actiontiles (which does disarm the system, but doesn’t “kill” the intrusion alert. @RBoy has indicated that this app will take care of that issue but in my testing, I haven’t found out how to do that yet.

The one thing that I can’t find is any different mode for “away” vs “stay” where you can select sensors for each different mode. I know there is the “active resident” feature, but I am looking for something a bit more permanent. Maybe I need to just suck it up and lean how to use WebCore…heh.

ST doesn’t allow for SmartApps to have a “dashboard” at this time (it’s in the roadmap) so the easiest way to do this is to install the app multiple times, one for each “mode” with different triggers and arming conditions for each “mode”, e.g. one for Armed Away and another for Armed Stay. The app takes care of cancelling any alarms which have not been triggered if it’s disarmed during the Entry delay period as mentioned above.

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Alright, two installs of the app got me what I wanted with respect to a Stay mode and Away mode…new user within the past few days so had no idea multiple installs of the same app was a thing.

One thing it would be awesome to have is the ability to sound a buzzer during the duration of the entry and exit delay timers. I am sure I can create some kind of work around, but it would be nice to have it baked in to the app.

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That feature already exists, it’s called a “Beep keypad” on the Notifications page. You would need a ZigBee Keypad to get those entry/exit beeping sounds.



That would be perfect if I were using a Zigbee Keypad, but have gone with the option of a cheap tablet with ActionTiles. I will just need to look into having that display a coutdown or maybe having Alexa announce it.

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@RBoy Is there a way to utilize one of my Echo Dots with echo speaks or another way to “beep” or create another sound or even a voice notification?

Sure you can. Just enable the Detailed notifications option in the Notifications page, set the Audio notifications to Speak and select your Echo device on the Speak/play notifications option. It’ll announce the countdown (entry/exit delay).