Question about smart things v1 and aeon smart meter v2

Hi everyone, I have a smart things v1 and a Aeon Home Energy Meter G2, DSB28-ZWUS. I’ve been reading on here and I think I have completely confused myself. I had no problem getting it hooked up connected to the hub but I cannot find any smart apps in the marketplace to get things working. The only thing I am seeing in the app under things is that it is on and a slide bar under it. Can anyone help?

Hi @Jusbkauz, welcome to the community! Can you capture a screenshot of the device in the phone app? If the HEM is using ST’s default device handler you should be seeing values/tiles for “power”,“energy”, “reset”,“refresh”, and “configure”. There should not be a slider bar.

There are several folks using that device with a custom device handler that works really well. I can’t easily search for you right now (I’m traveling at the moment), but search the Community and I think you’ll find those custom solutions. You may just need to change the device handler/type in the IDE if the wrong one was picked up when you installed it.

Hi @Jusbkauz, that’s definitely not the device handler for the HEM. Take a look at these discussions for the device handler you should be able to use. Since you have the newer gen HEM, ST hasn’t caught up yet to update their platform to pick it up correctly.

This one from @aruffell: (try this one first)

or this one from @bridaus: (not sure if anything significant was changed for solar needs)

If you’ve not used the IDE before (I recommend you do), please take a look at the wiki:

Ok, lookout for the smoking brain here. I’m reading the using custom codes section but I’m not sure exactly which part I’m supposed to copy and paste. Not to sound like I have no idea what I’m doing (which I don’t) but I copied and pasted the link address, that didn’t work so I copied all of the information which I think is the program and that didn’t work either. (startup failed: script1474210906682300132288.groovy: 2: unexpected token: * @ line 2, column 2. * Aeon Home Energy Meter v2 Gen2 Basic Edition ^ 1 error) is the message I get.

@Jusbkauz Ok, no worries. You want the RAW version of the code to copy/paste into the IDE:

Once you do that, then Save and then Publish -> For Me. After that, then you can edit the device and change the device type. Sorry for the delay in replying, been away for a bit. If you have any more question, just reply to this post instead of the thread “Reply” so I get the notification and can get to you a little quicker.

Let me know how it goes.

No problem with the delay, gives me a chance to clear my mind some. So do I click on the link then select all and copy then paste it in the new smart app from code section?

Yeah, sometimes we all need that kind of break!

Yep, click on the link and you’ll see just the code. Select all of it and paste it. It’s not a SmartApp though, it’s Device Handler.

Ok, now I’m getting somewhere. I was trying to create it under smart apps instead of device handler. I have a message saying successfully created. That last statement you made that it’s not a smart app let me know I was in the wrong area. Here’s what it looks like now.

Excellent. I see that you’re also experiencing the text formatting issues with Android based on the watts reading not being centered in the tile. That’s a known issue that ST will hopefully address.

I’m assuming amps and volts will eventually show up, as well as data for each clamp. I don’t have a v2 like you do, so this is where a phone-a-friend comes in. Out of curiosity, what happens when you tap on Refresh?

@aruffell or @bridaus, what should the behavior be once set up?

Nothing happened when I refreshed it. I turned on a 4 bulb light fixture and the numbers did change. You can’t imagine how much of a help you have been. I was beginning to think that i had wasted my money on this addition. I’m only using my hub for basic things like light control and the ability to control the garage door. I have put a door sensor on a upright freezer door and connected it to IFTTT to let me know if the door is left open for more than 2 minutes. Hopefully I can get the energy meter to show more information soon. I even put up a clothesline last weekend to cut down on dryer use.

That’s good news, and thank you! I always enjoy helping folks out, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

There’s a much easier way to do that all within SmartThings, and there’s no IFTTT delay! I do exactly the same thing for all our frig/freezers via Smart Home Monitor’s custom rules:

:slight_smile:, I’ve had my fair share of that. I have a lot of devices, and my family has become quite use to ST and the automations we’ve implemented around the house.

Hey what sensor did you use to monitor freezer temperature?

Believe it or not, I use Iris contact sensors in my kitchen, garage, and bar frig and freezers. They work great, and you can provide an offset to be a little more accurate.

You have to hit configure and reset a couple of times and sometimes just give it time if I remember correctly from first setup.

It will eventually report all the values.

@johnconstantelo - sorry for the late reply. My DTH has a bug that causes it to occasionally freeze up so it is not too reliable at this time. However, the Configure button causes configuration parameters to be sent to the meter, while the reset button just resets variables without losing any data, and the reset counter button just resets the KWH values to zero so you can track how much power you used from the date shown. When you hit reset it can take a few minutes for the values to populate. The refresh button should force reads thus faster updates but I am not certain… I started from another DTH and modified it by eliminating functionality that I found superfluous and tried to make it work better under Android… it is still work in progress though.

So for now this will be all the information I will be able to get?

@Jusbkauz - Are you using version 1 (the one with battery) or version 2 of AEON’s HEM? My DTH does not support the first version as I took out all the code from the DTH I started off from supporting v1 in an attempt to simplify and focus this DTH to version 2.

V2, there is no battery. It has a plug for the power supply that I wired into a breaker since i didn’t have a outlet near by.

Mine freezes now every couple of weeks too.

It replaced a TED system that was flaky too. Sigh.