[BETA] NorthQ Q-Power - z-wave power meter

First implementation of device handler for the NorthQ Q-Power meter. Homepage for the product: http://northq.com/qpower/

See the comment on the handler for links to further details.

Not all options are implemented yet but:

  • Option is set to electronic meter (lamp that blinks)
  • GUI option to set blinks/kWh

Reports energy and battery.

Do you think this would be adaptable to their gas meter, to be honest looking at the 2 products gas and power I cant see what the difference is, they both appear to work by monitoring the reflective dot on a wheel meter, or the blinking led.

Maybe. You’d really want to compare the features/commands from the page of the Z-Wave Alliance. But I can’t seem to find a gas meter there?

Here’s the link for the power meter: http://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/69

The spec sheet is here http://northq.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Q-Gas-Specifications.pdf

Hello Anders,

Thanks very much for creating this device handler.

Please excuse my lack of ability - I’d like to enter my electricity meter’s current current total, so the KWh total is correct (it currently shows usage since I installed the NorthQ logger ~8KWh)

I appreciate there isn’t a front-end / GUI to enter this value into, but could you possibly advise me where to add my electricity meter’s total to the KWh total variable in the device handler?

Thanks in advance

Hey Toff,

I’ve updated the handler now with an option for base value. It’s barely tested, but check it out and let me know if it works or not. :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much Anders - that worked perfectly after the NorthQ device did it’s next update.

I’m now getting all I need from the NorthQ power meter - all thanks to your Anders :smile:

There is one little bug I’d like to report - just a small thing. SmartThings forces you to use an icon for each device. As you can see from my screen-grab below; the icon gets superimposed (put on top) of the kWh reading. Is it possible to add the equivalent of a few

to solve this? :grin:

FYI: I have an iPhone 7 (standard size, not the Plus) running iOS11.

Many thanks indeed

Ah, that doesn’t occur on Android. Try the new version, I’ve increased the height of the tile to try and avoid this. :slight_smile:

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PERFECT! Thank you very much

Now I can see it clearly and can cry at my family’s energy consumption :sob:


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Hi. No matter what I can not get it on smartthings… I use the classic app and have made device handler. I have had it at once, then delete it and made the device handler again. Now I absolutely can’t get it on. What do I do?

Hello Toff. I’m trying in vain to get my northq on SmartThings. There are doing device trades and I press 3 times on NORTHQ. It simply will not come on. I use the Classic app. What did you do?

Hi Jacob,

I’m sorry - I’m unable to help… I didn’t encounter any trouble installing the device handler… I just needed help entering my electricity meter’s base value (which Anders kindly assisted with & solved).

I will be moving house in 2 months… I will be resetting my SmartThings hub and starting from scratch - If I have to troubleshoot to get it to work - I’ll be sure to post my findings here.

Sorry i can;t be of more help.

Finally, I’ve got it added to SmartThings. It should be excluded in SmartThings. I just can’t get it to show the values. I have corrected them to the inside of the app, but it shows nothing.
Can you get it to update more than every 900 minutes?

@anderssv Thanks for putting a DTH together for this device.

I am having a bit of trouble getting it working - I can get it added ok but the numbers getting reported seem wrong.

My meter is at 75,497.60 kWh currently so i set that as the starting figure - and my meter has a 1000 impulses per kWh

This is what the app looks like - showing 150MWh which does not seem right


Sorry, but I am not using this right now and it’s been too long so I really can’t say. The calculation of the current consumption was always something I don’t think I got absolutely right so sorry about that. :slight_smile: Feel free to modify, but I guess you should read up on how to calculate it as I was never really able to figure it out properly. :slight_smile: