[RELEASE] Philio PAN06 / TKB TZ06 Dual Relay Device Handler

There are a few Philio device handlers out already, but none of them seemed to work correctly with the PAN06. This is because it actually uses endpoints 2 and 3 to control S1 and S2 separately. With endpoint 1 is used to control both S1 and S2 simultaneously.

To solve this problem I’ve updated cjcharles’ device handler to work solely with the Philio PAN06 / TKB TZ06. I’ve also added some UI tweaks and the turning on/turning off states.

This handler makes use of erocm1231’s published child device handler, so there no need to install any other handlers or apps and you’ll get 2 child devices (3 devices total) in your list of things.

After you have installed the handler and changed your device to use the new “Philio Dual Relay” device type, goto the device on your phone and click the cog in the top right corner. You can change the switch mode if needed, or leave as default, then press Save. This will create the 2 child devices, which will now be in your list of things and can be added to rules and automation as separate devices.

I’ve just updated this device handler to include an option to enable/disable child devices. This just means if you’re only using 1 channel you can still use this device handler over the default “Z-Wave relay” and still enjoy the benefits of this handler.

I’ll update the repo soon, once I’ve finished testing.

Hi just received several PAN06-1A and want to include them in smartthings to control my curtains. I published your device handler (thx for that), then included device. It show up in my smarthings , clicked the cog , changed name, icon etc saved it , but child devices don’t apear (They should be in My home/ things).
What do I do wrong? Have 5 curtains waiting for me.

Would this work with a TKB TZ57? I would like to be able to use voice commands for each relay.

YoungFogey, did you get anywhere with this? I have recently bought a TZ57 and I can’t get the relays to work separately through the app. The physical switches work as they should, but when I try the child switch I get nothing and when I use the adult it switches both at the same time.

Hi marcobraynio, I used the used the dual channel device handler to create the child device and then the multi channel device handlers to control them. I have not yet ben able to set up direct control between 2 switches using tweaker. So instead used the SmartThings smart lighting app to trigger one switch to activate another. Voice control works through Google ok, but I haven’t tried with Alexa yet.