TKBHome TZ74 In wall Relay

I was searching online for z wave in wall relays and found this TKBhome TZ74 dual relay. Price is quite reasonable. Link below. Any idea if this works with smartthings? Is there any DTH developed for this relay so far?

Did you ever manage to get yours working?

I just went and bought one (from AliExpress) before checking to see if there was a devicehandler - schoolboy error :slight_smile:

Had a bash at modifying an existing handler but didnt get anywhere. Pretty new to DH dev.

If anyone else is interested in developing one here is the raw description of my actual device:

Raw Description zw:L type:1001 mfr:0118 prod:0311 model:0304 ver:2.01 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,86,72,5A,73,85,59,25,20,27,70,2B,2C,60,7A role:05 ff:8701 ui:8700 epc:2 ep:[‘1001 25’]

Manufacturer details:


Hi, have you tried this DH?

Might work. I got a tz04 and this DH works just that it wont reflect any power or energy readings.

This should work with my device handler, but if it doesn’t for any reason let me know an I can update it.

Thanks. It works great. No issues with turning on and off both the relays with the smartthings app. But the switch status does not seem to auto update when the physical toggle switch is flicked. Not any expert with the DH coding so not sure what went wrong. Also, if the toggle switch is in on position and the light is turned off via the app. The toggle switch has to be turn to off position and back to on position before the lights turn on. Slightly different from the fibaro relays where the alternate toggle of the switch will turn on and off the light directly. Tried the different options in the settings but still the same. This is small issue.
DH works with the child DH too. Creates 2 child devices. On for each relay.

Hmmmm, I’m guessing the manual switch either isn’t firing an event to update smartthings or that event isn’t being handled correctly by the handler. I’ll have a look into it.

The issue with the switch having to be flicked on/off should be fixed by altering the mode of the switch in settings. It’s supposed to support toggle and momentary switches.

I don’t use an external switch with mine, but I’ll wire one up and have a play around to see if it’s my code or maybe the commands are different on different models.

Sounds good. Thanks. This is the manual for the tz04. Has metering function too. The on and off functions should be the same as the tz06.

TZ04 In Wall Dual relay(1 way) switch module Adding to Z … - Z-Wave Products
PDF › File

I finally got round to trying the device handler above with the TZ74 but I can only control one channel. S1 triggers the No2 output on the relay. S2 doesn’t trigger anything. Any ideas?

Yes, you’ll need the device handler that I based this on. I had the opposite problem, so I wrote this handler to solve it. I’m not at my PC now, but if you click through to my thread above and find the link to the handler I based it on. It’s something like “universal 2 channel dimmer”.

Thanks :slight_smile: I got it working as suggested.

Can I connect this to fan? Or only resistive loads would work with this?

Hi jonesyx. I have a TZ74 that I want to connect too. can you publish the direct link that worked for you?
Also, did it work on the new app or just the classic app?