Fibaro fgs-223 and Philio Pan04-1b

Hi Guys,

Noob here but picking things up, help or a pointer required please.

I bought the above devices with the intention of fitting then to 13amp double wall sockets and being able to control individual sockets via automation in smartthings.

I’ve installed the latest device handlers from searching on here but each device which is a dual relay/switch only shows up as a single device as shown below on the My Home Things page.

I can go into each device and control individual relays/switches with out any problem.

What I was looking to do Is to control each Individual relay/switch with an automation, this is what i cant figure out?
Can It be done with these devices?
Is there an alternative device?

Preferably I would like each relay/switch of the device to show up as an individual device on the "My Home Things page"

Thanks for reading


Thanks for the posting so fast, I have @erocm1231 handler already loaded for the Fibaro device and something else for the Philio(I cant remember now)

The rest about virtual devices and endpoints I probably would have not twigged for a while, so that’s great advice for me.

I will do some reading another evening and let you know how I get on.

Many Thanks


Virtual devices is probably the way I would like to go as I assume you can get to them from Alexa?

Thanks Robin, this is exactly what I’m looking to achieve.

Have both working now as I wanted In only about 10 minutes, thanks for the help.

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Hi Kev,

I have the Philio Pan04-1b and I can’t get it working properly, That is, I can’t get its status updated (when physically switched - not through the app).
Can you post the handler you were using?
Do you experience similar issue?