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[RELEASE] OneTap: The best and more complete Smartapp


(Luis Alonzo) #21

Hi Mark,

Right Hubitat doesnt have a nice UI yet. But you are able to install the files from the web app, and in the App section you will be able to install and use the OneTap application. Will display with same menus and options. Functionality is mostly the same, just a few functions that are still not compatible with hubitat that are still there but do nothing, like IP Cams, Speakers, SHM, etc.


(Chuck) #22

I’m looking to do one simple thing and, hopefully, you can explain if your app will do this…

At 5:30 am I want to be notified if a selected window is open. That’s it.

I don’t want to be notified when the window is open, I don’t care when it was opened, just that it’s open at 5:30am.

Can I do this with your app?

(MarkTr) #23

You can do this with the “Is my home secure?” smartapp:

(Luis Alonzo) #24

I would use the OneTap app, it´s simpler. For the configuration you are asking for i would try this:

Events: Select the option “At Specific Time” and then select 5:03 am
Conditions: Select your contact sensor at the “If Open” option.
Actions: Choose the “Notificacions” and then you may choose between push, sms or both.

With this setup, ST will trigger the smartapp at the time you want and will only notify you if the window status is open.

(Wade Johnston) #25

Hey, I’d love to check this out. Is it still available?

(Sean Donaghey) #26

I sent him the $8 about 2 weeks ago and I have not heard back from him yet.

(Luis Alonzo) #27

Hi Sean,

I just checked and seems you are already added to the folder where the OneTap code is located. You should see a Dropbox share invitation from me.

Please check if you have access, otherwise i could add again your account.

Sorry for inconvenience.


Hi Luis,

I would like to automate 16 roller shutters (robust aluminium shutters outside the windows, not only for shading but also for extra insulation during cold winter nights) on my windows.

For example:
If my Aeotec Multisensor 6 sensor installed outside the walls measures the temperature above 30 Celsius AND luminance above 1000 LUX (AND maybe the UV is <2 too) than a specific set of roller shutters should be released to 70% percent. So the house won’t get warm because of the Sun.

Other example:

If the Aeotec Multisensor 6 measures the temperature below 0 Celsius and everybody is away, shut down all the roller shutters even when it is sunny.

Can I create these with your OneTap app?

Thank you for your answer,

(Marcos Arias) #29


I make the payment and I have not received the information.

(Mavrrick) #30

@lpalonzo. Are you still working on this?

(Luis Alonzo) #31

Sure! Just haven’t been publishing, but app still goes occasionally updated. Mostly bugs or minor additions in features get implemented.

Right now I’m testing the echo speaks apps, i love them. I have been an Alexa user for a while already, and always wanted this integration, works really how it should. Now with last updates, it’s posible to use integrate this features with routines and events. Looking for time and ideas to keep improving the app.