[RELEASE] OneTap: The best and more complete Smartapp

OneTAP is an enhanced smartapp that allow almost any possible automation. Simplerhttps://community.smartthings.com/t/release-onetap-the-best-and-more-complete-smartapp/125657 and more user friendly than Core, OneTAP combines different child apps that gives you the chance to control all the devices, and all automations from the same app install. The main benefits are:

  1. More order for your automations, all the configs will be on the same installation.
  2. Very user friendly, easy to setup and start automating your Things.
  3. Support almost every command available in smartthings.
  4. Pre Installed child apps that would help you in specific scenarios.
  5. Frequent updates and changes for improve app features and experience.
  6. Supports motion, contacts, locks, lights, switches, valves, speakers, audio notifications, and many many more.
  7. App available in English and Spanish

Main APP:

This app will be the main installation for your automation. Inside you will see all the installed Taps that are currently working in your location. Here you are able to create more taps. With the following options available from start:


The main reason that first rule machine and then core were developed was to allow for stacked conditionals.

The classic use case was having a physical switch override a motion sensor.

For example:

“When no motion is detected for 15 minutes, turn the living room light off unless the light was turned on at the wall switch, in which case leave it on.”


“When Michael arrives home, turn on the lights in the entry way unless Lisa is already home and is watching a movie.”


“Turn on the porch lights every day at 15 minutes before sunset unless the date falls between Thanksgiving and New Year’s” (when the holiday lights will be on)

I can’t tell from your description: do your taps support stacked conditionals?

“Do A while B but only if C and not while D.” That’s been both the real power and the real complexity of webcore.

Looks cute and friendly! Well done.

How much is the fee, please?

Yes, OneTap works with similar features. Its just i call them a little different.

The most basic app its the one called NewTAP, this works with 3 main components. Which are Events (triggers like on/off, active/inactive, routines triggered, time, etc), Conditions (like schedules, if one or many devices have and specific status, etc) and Actions (which is what you want to do). For example, in the scenarios you suggested would be like this:

Scenario: “When Michael arrives home, turn on the lights in the entry way unless Lisa is already home and is watching a movie.”

Event: If Michael Arrives
Conditions: if absent Lissa, TV is on (Only will run if both match)
Actions: Turn on entry light

In a similar way you can recreate any scenario, options are there.

For certain scenarios, like the entry light you describe, or the motion after certain minutes. Sure, you can go with the NewTap and do it, will do just fine. But i made the MotionTap and HomeTap for those.

With MotionTap i’m able to control with motion a designed group of lights/switch, given them the change to act during certain schedules and conditions for each.

For example, i have a DLP Projector which i turn on with ST. The light of the room work with motion, only when somebody is at home, and not when projector is on. Same lights change their dim level depending of time of the day (less bright if i arrive after midnight, Light could have colors and more configs, and everything its done in the same page, With very few options and easy to personalize.

On the HomeTap you will create users, add schedules, add doorbells, entrylights, etc.
For example: Entry light will detect when user arrives, if after dark light will be on, will send a push notification after lock is unlocked. If all user leave, SHM will be set as Away.

I understand Webcore and RuleMachine has probably more time working and probably options, i didnt use them because though they were a little confused, specially if want to change or edit. That’s why i chose to make my own app for this, a little more user friendly and with similar options. Been working on this app for the last year, and until now has been more usefull for me than any other one i could found. Right now the way i use my smartthings is basically get the DH of any new Things and just the OneTap to control and create the automations. I could factory reset my everything on the Hub and just with one simple smartapp and just a few minutes make it work again.


Thanks for answering. What you describe, however, is not a stacked conditional. It’s just an AND condition.

What I’m asking about is “if A then B, unless C happened previously.”

In your example with the projector, you were just looking for whether the projector is on or off. I am asking about HOW it was turned on earlier.

“If there has been no motion sensor activity for 15 minutes, turn off the light unless the light was turned on at the wall switch.”

That is, the wall switch trigger is given a higher priority than the motion sensor trigger for the same light.

This is a very common request, but one which the official features do not support.


You’re right, there is no way to do a scenario like “if A then B, unless C happened previously", using only newTap app. Sometimes you may get around adding more taps for the extra conditions, but sometimes may not, if want you want it’s to complex. I believe is what i done sometimes at home.

Thanks for the answer and examples, will take note and try to add something like this on future updates.


No problem, There’s lots of room for many kinds of improvements. Choice is good. Just as actiontiles added a different kind of dashboard experience, I can definitely see use for something which adds a different kind of rules experience, focusing on discoverability and ease-of-use. SmartRules Did a good job of this, but only for iOS devices.

But I do think it’s important to realize that the main reason people go to webcore is because they ask how to do something specific and they are told that the official features can’t support that kind of logic, but webcore can. :sunglasses:

In your case, the value proposition is different: it’s that it’s easier to create your rules, not that you can create more complex ones than the official features.

That’s right! i described “Simpler and more user friendly” and yes the idea was to make everything easier. Definitely complex scenarios may be out of chance but as a personal user of ST for the last 2 years, the hasn’t been any need for me that this app didn’t fit.

I loved ST since the beginning. But i thought was too dificult to make it work great out of the box. Just with the regular pre installed apps. Also find the right smartapp maybe difficult or takes time, or knowledge. It’s right for me, i’m a engineer and did code before, but friends, parents or other people who never wrote code before may need more effort. That’s the goal of this app, set up all your basic automation in minutes.


Looks Cool! I’ve been around for a while and have grown to love the flexibility of CoRE and then webCoRE. I was looking for ways to do things that the stock apps just wouldn’t do.

I have moved some devices over to Hubitat and now understand how Rule Machine works and differs from webCoRE.

Your app looks like what I was looking for starting off. This was a really unexpected post and I am glad that another coder has emerged here on this great forum!

Good Luck and I might just give it a go.

How much is the donation?


If you have to pay a specified fee to access the product, then it is not a “donation” - it is a purchase.

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I don’t know Canadian law, but in the US you can definitely specify specific levels of required donation for specific bonuses. Our public television stations do it all the time. Donate $25 a year, choose from bonus B or C; donate $50 a year, choose from bonuses D or E, etc.


Of course in cases like code licenses under US tax law, it doesn’t really count as a “donation,” it counts as taxable income to the recipient, but that’s a whole separate set of issues.


Yup: As a KQED supporter, I’m aware of the system.

Of course, public TV and radio stations are not in the business of selling tote bags, mugs, and earthquake emergency kits. From a tax perspective, the deductibility of the donation must be reduced by the value of the bonus gift. The gifts themselves are usually donated by corporate sponsors of the stations, as a way to monetize “in-kind” contributions and often to receive sponsorship recognition credit. Donated goods are common for raffles and charity auctions.

So, personally, I apply the tax code requirements: if the value of this SmartApp meets or exceeds the minimum fee @lpalonzo requires to access it, and/or if the app does not qualify as providing a 501(3)c eligible charitable service, or represents something of value to the community of non-donors (like WebCoRE) then it is not a “donation”.

Regardless - I obviously have no objection to charging for software. I also believe that software projects which represent a contribution to the greater good can solicit genuine donations (e.g., Wikipedia). But I, personally, believe that it’s not necessary to blur the difference.

Calling payments “donations” in order to avoid taxes is illegal and unnecessary: The IRS provides a means to deduct legitimate expenses. Calling payments “donations” in order to appear not be to profiting from one’s work is a practice that I would prefer to see less of, as it is also unnecessary: This SmartApp obviously took a tremendous amount of effort to develop. If consumers find it useful, the developer is more than deserving of payments for it.

That said, to return to the Topic… How much does it cost? ActionTiles has many customers who are looking for automation rule builders, and find WebCoRE to be too complicated, and SmartRules is limited to iOS; so this new SmartApp is exciting!


That’s why i called “fee” instead of donation. It’s definitively a payment. I start this app as personal project for my own home automation. However after more than a year of time spend on this i wanted to give other user access to it, and get a little retribution for the time i already spend on this.


Thanks everybody for the interest.

For the fee i’m asking a onetime payment of $8.

Payment is on Paypal at paypal.me/lpalonzo

After i get the transfer notification, i will add your email (the one were payment comes, unless you specify) to the share folders where you will find the files, as well as send you the instructions for installation (as a regular parent-child smartapp)

You will have all time access to future updates and new apps to be added on the future, as well as assistance/support if needed to start take advantages of the features from the app.

I’m currently working on port the app to hubitat, will be ready for the end of this week. It’s already running, just testing everything before release. So far, everything that is zigbe/zwave works fine, just remember that many devices likes cameras, speakers doesnt work on hubitat yet.


Hi lpalonzo,
I too find the WebCore to be a little bit to complicated for the types of rules a want to make.

Great work and I’m looking forward to trying out your OneTap.
Just made an 8 usd purchase.

Keep up the good work!



Hi Peter,

Thanks for interest and support. I just sent you the instructions at your email.


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You should take Google Pay, I hate Pay Pal.

Me too, just sent PayPal - looking forward to trying this new app out.

Are any of you guys able to post a review for this app?

Thank you in advance.


This looks like a nice option for creating automation rules, nicely done!

From the screenshots above, it appears as though the UI for your app is within the ST mobile app. How will the user interact with your app if you port it to hubitat? They don’t have a mobile app (yet).

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