New Smartapps available on the SmartThings Platform

This thread is here to post new Smarapps as they become available on the ST platform.

HomeCare Wizard
Smart Lock Guest Access
Smartthings Clothing Care
Enhanced Auto Lock Door
Smart Lighting
Color Coordinator
Keep me Cosy
Thermostat Mode Director
Speaker Companion
Door Knocker
Smartthings Find
Smartthings Home Monitor
Smartthings Cooking
Galaxy Upcycle
TV Quick Control
TV Text Input

Smartthings Cooking Has been added!

Yeah, I’d wish they’d get cooking on fixing bugs, improving app performance, and bringing back features we’ve lost like showing what smartapp a device is used in, showing mobile presence devices in the app vs using a virtual workaround, and more.


Yeap i couldn’t agree with you more…

I just thought it would be nice to have a section to list all the smartapps as well.


This are apps that I currently have under SmartThings Labs

Those are limited to the US and Android phones only.


I know. Same stands for Smart Lighting app, it is region limited too. Maybe we can add that like example below, and list where is available.

SmartThings Labs (US only)

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It is not anymore, neither the Smart Lock Guest Access.

Some of these are region locked.

I am aware. I hope more get the global treatment. Are the smartapps in the labs any good?

No idea. Which also reminds me, some features are available only on android, not iOS, and I believe some may only be available on Samsung phones.

Some of those are old apps from Classic like Gentle Wake-up. Also they added Virtual Switch creator there. In my opinion they are just pre-created Automations.
Universal Remote Control is just list of all devices aranged by rooms in two columns, that you can customize as dashboard. It would be good if you can place it on dasboard and use as old Favorites, otherwise is buried to much in other menus.

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As it is BETA, they are looking for this kind of inputs. Send it to the email address listed on the SmartApp’s header.

Otherwise some features are the port of the old ones to the new environment. Because some people are missing it. (Gentle Wake-Up)

Would be good to have a list to what is missing from the current app that gets updated to (fixed) status when items get put back

IE; link per device to the automations it is included in… man do I miss that


Actually that is a gread idea Mike!

If the smartthings staff still looks at the community posts, it will provide a clear checklist of what they need to do.

Is an app like Smart Lighting automaticly updated when I use it? Is a kind of build-in app?

Grtn Ben

Smart Lighting specifically is distributed with the hub firmware. So it would get updated when the hub firmware gets updated.

It does not work but at least for a very short time there was something new to play with

Hit the setup button and nothing happens, I mean… nothing ?
Close but no cigar

No cigar at all! :innocent:

The Companion apps is not shown, UK/EU v2 hub

Are you a bèta tester? Or do I need to install them?

Grtn Ben

Non of the above, bogo boring UK S10 user with Samsung ONE UI 3.1, is all

Might be wrong but think you need Samsung phone, latest framework update in galaxy store and ONE UI 3.1 installed, might be wrong though