New features in version 2.10

Added features:

  • Fingerprint Authentication
  • Ability to change the order of your cards on Dashboard
  • Create Lock Codes for Family and Friends
  • Scenes (thought this was still in beta)

Big release day!

Here is some additional info (and support links, since I’m that guy):


  • Create more complex lighting automations which are controllable via a tap in the mobile app or automatically via Routine

Smart Locks

  • Lock all of your locks with a single tap in the mobile app
  • Add/delete lock access codes remotely
  • See which codes were used and when
  • Quickly see the status of your locks

Rearrange Dashboard

  • Ability to rearrange the order of Favorites, Smart Home Monitor, and Smart Locks on the dashboard

Fingerprint Authentication

  • Adds additional security by requiring a fingerprint to open the SmartThings mobile app

Definitely liking the forward progress Brad!

How did the Smart Locks implementation skip the Beta program? :slight_smile:

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It didn’t. There was an internal, private, and public beta program. We have other beta projects in the works just search through the announcements and posts by @slagle


I must be blind as I never saw a single announcement for it.

Anyway, I just quickly added it from the Market Place and it immediately added to my Dashboard and it knows that I have 1 locked and 1 unlocked and I haven’t even gone in and played with it yet. Very nice!

Great work to you and the team!


I will have to report the first issue on the locks. It’s minor but warranted. I didn’t quite shut the door all the way and tested from within the app to lock it and it jammed. SmartThings reported it as Unknown, versus Jammed. Here’s a screenshot :slight_smile:

It feels kind of like Christmas tonight. While all he children are sleeping, SmartThings snuck down the chimney and is placing presents under the tree.

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Thanks for flagging! I grabbed logs and will pass this along.

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Perfect. Thanks.

I’m using a custom device handler from RBoy so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I wouldn’t think it matters seeing how the new app automatically picked up my existing locks and does report Locked / Unlocked appropriately. Here is a screen shot from my Things when it does Jam:

The lock reports a state of “Unknown” but this is listed as “Jammed” so we would just need to adjust how we handle an “Unknown” state. Thanks again for reporting it!

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Good deal.

This is really awesome stuff guys!

I really think this will have a huge positive impact in the community seeing these things being implemented.

For anyone else who is missing out on the awesomeness of beta testing check out this thread use the options at the top to follow this category


quote=“jodyalbritton, post:11, topic:105253”]
beta testing check out this thread

Make me think I was losing my mind. :slight_smile: I have seen all the beta announcements over the last few months, and i am participating in one, but I never saw anything for the Locks. This must have been internal or a private group selected.

Yeah I don’t I see a listing there either but that’s where the announcement should be. Maybe @slagle with clarify since he is running the beta programs.

ST finally releases TouchID authentication when some of us have the iPhone X which has FaceID. Turning on TouchID produces an error which kicks you out of ST completely.



Has the family screen moved somewhere else? Or do we need to create a room called family and put those devices in there? Adding them to the Favourites screen works well if you don’t have much on there.


Hello, I am using a custom device handler from @RBoy and I have this error…


The Family tab is gone. Keeping the family tab and moving Scenes to the Automations tab was one of the suggestions by myself and other beta test participants. They apparently didn’t feel our feedback was enough to keep the family tab.


Can Scenes be considered a subset of the functionality of Routines? Why use a Scene instead of a Routine?

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With Routines you can only set a light (for example) on or off

With Scenes you can set colour, dim level as well as on/off for each individual light.

For example…
I have a scene which I call 'NightMode’
This turns off all my downstairs lights/switches and sets my hall and stairs/landing lights to 20% so I can see to go to bed.
I use a standard Smart Lighting config to turn the 20% lights off after about a minute.

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Oh, true. You can’t do advanced controls of individual lights in a routine. Cool, thank you.