Smart Set up Has New Smartapps! June 30, 2015

Looks like at least some of the sneak peek stuff is now in wide release. Including Big Switch for Hello,Home Actions, now called Switch Activates Home Phrase

And a lock after close…

To find these,

  1. open the mobile app to the Dashboard
  2. Tap on the plus sign to open Smart Setup
  3. swipe right across the top to the More section
  4. start exploring!



They were under marketplace till yesterday under More. :wink:

But only for those who had signed up for the sneak peek. Now they’re available for everyone. :smile:

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Anything good? Can’t read without my glasses. Was sleeping. Woke up for a bio break! :wink: crawling back…I thought new iOS app was here! :wink:

Lots of new stuff! I have updated the catalogue topic. New smart apps are marked with :cyclone:


Yea I was hoping to use them for the sneak peak and I started to for the IFTTT changes mode based on switch but it only really works with one switch, I need it to work with two as two people determine our away status.

I ended up using and two AND conditions.

@JoeC FTW again.

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I am the author of those IFTTT ones…I actually am asking ST if I can submit a revision for some other features. You could use two virtual switches and the Big Switch app to time more of the presences together.


Good job, I installed it and almost stuck with it, but then I realized I couldn’t do it with more than one person. I like seeing on Simple Rule Builder to see my rules, kind of visually.

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hey, be patient, i believe i saw a screenshot of someone at ST’s phone with the new UI and it showed a rule-builder app… they said it would be released, eventually

Why be patient, the future is now! This tool works great already.