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[RELEASE] Neo Coolcam / MCO Z-Wave Light Switch


(Calvin Choy) #21

I installed the handler and also linked to smartthings. However the switch seems to not respond most of the time. If it respond it does it with huge delay.

The switch itself seems to report the way back to smartthings bettee.

Am I missing something or just recreived a bad product?



It is usually ~1sec and may be affected by outage -

(Sebastian Iaconis) #23

Hi Hongtat,

First of all, many thanks for the handler code. It’s been very useful.
I want to link two four-channel switches so that they control the same 4 set of lights for which I’m using the Smart Lighting app.
However, there is a massive delay between one switch being physically turned on and the status on the app changing accordingly. I manage to reduce it to one minute by adjusting the Check In interval on the app, but one minute is still to high.
Is there a way to reduce the check in time to <1 sec, or is there a more elegant solution where the switch updates on real-time its status on SmartThings?

I’m using 2 MCO-Four channel switches.

Many thanks


1 minute is the lowest possible value as specified in the ST docs.

The status should be real-time (I’m getting real-time status for my MCO 2G switches, I only have 2G).

Can you try tapping “Configure” to see whether it fixes the real-time issue?

(Mark C) #25 looking at theses, are they compatable?

(Kiarash Gholizadeh) #26

Yes, they are compatible!

(Mark C) #27

Thanks for that. Do they work normally as well ie if internet went down

(Sebastian Iaconis) #28

Hi, I tried but it didn’t work. In the end I associated the two switches directly by adding the nodes and endpoints of one switch to the other, on top of the association with the hub. Took me a while, but now they are connected real time, independently of the hub and they synchronize with the hub too, so happy ending!

Thanks for the help and the code

(Michael Tan) #29

My ST hub doesnt even find the switch. Anyone have any idea’s/tips what i could do?

(Mark C) #30

Mine started up in pairing mode and wirked fine. Have to consult the manual to get into pairing mode then try to add it again.


Hi @hongtat - when I add your repository and update from repo nothing shows? Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT - Ugh! Please ignore this posts - I was in the smartapp section of the IDE not DTH - Doh!!!

(Ben Erkens ) #34

Hi Hongtat,

About the configuaration: can the backlight be configured on/off ? That is an option in the switch.

Normally the switch has a blue colored light iluminating when off and pink when switched on.

With the night-light option in the switch disabled, the switch is dark in off and nicely red when on.

Groeten Ben

(Ben Erkens ) #35

Do you have the right version (US or UK/EU) for the proper frequency of the Z-Wave device?

(DanS) #36

Firstly, many thanks to everyone on this community, especially @JDRoberts who has been very patient to everyone. And to @hongtat for the MCO device handler and @zcapr17 for the Zwave Tweaker.

I’ve gotten two single gang MCO switches (non-Gen 5 versions) for a two-way application (staircase lights), and I thought with all the help here, I wouldn’t have too much problem setting up associations in Group 1 of both switches.

I’ve used the Zwave Tweaker to set up the said associations, and it works like a charm as long as I’m using the Zwave Tweaker as a DTH. Manually switching on/off either MCO switch would almost instantaneously turn on/off the other switch. Perfect.

But then, when I changed the DTH back to @hongtat 's handler for the MCO switches, the association is then broken. Neither switch turns on each other.

Could anyone here give any pointers what the problem might be, and how I might go about trying to solve it? Could it be that these switches are non-zwave plus, and that they use Association Group 1 to send Binary Switch Set commands to other nodes, instead of Group 2?

I know @Sebastian_Iaconis in this thread managed to associate two MCO switches together… any advice how I could get this to work?

Thanks a million everyone.


Yes. The association group in MCO is working but this DH doesn’t support it yet as it resets the configuration.

To have it work, comment out the zwave.multiChannelAssociationV2 and zwave.associationV2 in the createChildDevices() function, then use Zwave Tweaker to fill in the right associations.


Yes, the Neo backlight can be configured, but I don’t have the option in the DH yet.

(DanS) #39

Thanks very much @hongtat!

(Ben Erkens ) #40

I’m a newbie here, but I learned in this community the following:

Go to the Automation button at the bottom of your screen.

Open SmartApps top-right corner.

Press the +, add a Smart App.

Choose in SmartThings Recommended the option “Smart Lighting”.

There you select “New Lighting Automation”.

Select the switch you want to use (your 2 Z-wave switches).

Next step is “What do you want to do?”

Select “Mirror Behavior”. Select the other switch.

Maybe you need to make 2 of these “Automations” to make it works.

(DanS) #41

Thanks @benerkens, I appreciate the help. However, Hongtat helped me solve the problem with associations already, and I just tested it out with two MCO Gen 5 Single gang switches, and it works PERFECTLY!

Thanks a million to Hongtat…

I can also confirm, based on my very limited knowledge and efforts, that the same setup CANNOT be done with the Neo Coolcam single gang switches. I think it has something to do with Neo Coolcam switches sending out the SWITCH BINARY REPORT command to the associated group members, instead of the SWITCH BINARY SET command that MCO switches send out.

The most awesome advantage of using direct association vs creating a Smart App for my required purpose (staircase lights), is that the response is almost instantaneous.

Thanks anyway everyone.

(Ben Erkens ) #42

Hi Dan, good to hear your problem is solved.

I did some experimenting with the Neo CoolCam wall switches at my place, don’t have the staircase setup like you, but with the Smart Lighting a lot of Automation (solutions) is possible.

The SmartThings is a box of Pandora…
Grtn Ben